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In car toilet, anti-road rage device

I've always thought that a brilliant thing would be to have a toilet built into your car. This would help for long road trips, (especially if you are an astronaut hunting down an ex-lover's new muse).

It would work like this, you would wear a sort of an air-tight plastic diaper that handled the important genitals appropriately. The Diaper would then hook into the car seat by way of a tube emerging from your fly. During defecation you would push a button that created a suction effect within the diaper as to help with cleanliness. It could even have a built in wash cycle, considering the diaper is air-tight.

Afterwards there are two option of what to do with the waste. One, the easy more friendly option would be to keep it in a tank that could be emptied at truck stops and gas stations. Or my preference is a cannon built onto the roof of the car, which the passenger would control, so when someone cuts you off, or you drive by a McDonald's you can let them know how you feel without the noise pollution of a normal horn.

-Colonel Muffins
-- ColonelMuffins, Mar 20 2007

"Well, of course we're going to throw poo at him!"
The chimp's name is Mason, btw.
-- neutrinos_shadow, Mar 20 2007

When I scanned this in the recent items page I kept missing the "l" in the title.

Welcome to the half bakery, ColonelMeadowMuffins, may I offer you a fishbone.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 20 2007

Skimmed. [Galbinus_Caeli] A scan would have revealed the stinky finger for what it is.
-- the dog's breakfast, Mar 20 2007

what [G_C] said
both sentences.
-- xandram, Mar 20 2007

No, I wrote two. In separate paragraphs, but a single annotation.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 20 2007

Wow this is just disgusting. //without the noise pollution of a normal horn.// Yes, let us give up our perhaps slightly annoying horns for a complicated, disgusting, graphic, and messy alternative that instead emits fecal pollution. A poo covered fishbone for you.
-- acurafan07, Mar 21 2007

Wow. How did I end up here?
-- Frankx, Jun 16 2021

//When I scanned this in the recent items page I kept missing the "l" in the title.//

The poorly-received sequel to "Goldfinger"
-- hippo, Jun 16 2021


You realise that everyone else who asks themselves the same question today has a very easy answer, don't you?
-- pocmloc, Jun 16 2021

[pocmloc] - yes, I know. I was disgusted but also kind of awed at how horrible it was.

The whole "...the important genitals... hook into the car seat... tube emerging from your fly... suction effect... "

And [hippo] - I read the title as missing the "l" too.
-- Frankx, Jun 16 2021

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