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The pool is the page

Around the time I was first learning about web pages/ the internet etc. I happened to walk past some kind of lido, an open air pool on the sea-front at Brighton, and the pool was more or less in the shape of an A4 page. I think on a sign the lido said it had a web page, and I couldn’t think what the hell a lido needed one for. ( I probably didn’t get why anyone needed a web page yet). In my simple head I superimposed the page and the pool and thought it would be nice if the pool was the webpage. The web cam would hang above it centrally so when you logged on you could see how many people were swimming. The menus etc would be on the diving board or whatever. Not that I thought they needed menus. Just the pool being the page was more than enough excitement. Later I also thought the web page could be projected onto the bottom of the pool, so you could watch a delayed shadow/ picture of yourself on the bottom. But I forgot about feed-back.
-- DDRopDeadly, Jan 19 2018

actually video feedback is kind of fun looking.
-- beanangel, Jan 19 2018

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