Food: Popcorn
Popcorn Popper/Levitator   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Popcorn popper uses a column of upward flowing air to levitate popped corns.

This popper is placed at floor level. It's shaped like a large tube, with the following components from the bottom to top:

1. Side air intake holes.

2. Upward pointed fan.

3. Small wok shaped cooker at the center.

4. Conical wire mesh to direct uncooked kernels back into the cooker.

5. Empty drift zone to allow stray uncooked kernels to fall back into the cooker.

6. Kernel feeding device to slowly feed new kernels one or two at a time.

When a kernel pops, it flings itself as well as possibly some uncooked kernels into the air. The upward airflow causes the popped kernel to levitate above the device, where it's fun to grab and eat them. The uncooked kernels fall back into the cooker.

Unlike traditional popcorn poppers, only a small number of kernels are cooked at a time. This gives the eaters enough time to keep up with the rate of popcorn, rather than dealing with a massive torrent of popcorn.

With multiple eaters, it's even more fun since you compete with each other to snatch the popcorn.
-- IJK, Mar 22 2007

If this product can automatically establish equilibrium with each piece of popcorn, so it hovers until eaten, and then is replaced with a fresh piece, a freshly-popped croissant is levitating its way to you, [IJK]...
-- m_Al_com, Mar 22 2007

I was hoping for a hot maize-powered hovercraft.
-- coprocephalous, Mar 22 2007

With a normal popper, you have no control over the rate of popcorn popping, and the column of air may not be sufficiently large and columnated to support multiple popped corns. You may end up with a torrent of upward popping corn which fly out of the airstream all over the room.
-- IJK, Mar 23 2007

Odd - Today I stumbled over my notes and the few annos, now deleted, from my not completely designed popcorn machinegun. Perhaps I should finish the design. But I ran into problems with insufficient steam to propel the butter cubes with deadly force.
-- normzone, Mar 23 2007

I once did a "popcorn powered pogo stick". I guess if I believed in it then, I must now stand behind the principal. Sort of...
-- blissmiss, Mar 23 2007

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