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Pope on a rope   (+1, -17)  [vote for, against]

Pope-shaped soap on a rope.  Great souvenir of a new pope.
-- Mustardface, Mar 25 2010

Pope Soap On A Rope http://www.sivacrac...rchives/001013.html
Prior art. [jurist, Mar 25 2010]

(?) Pope on A Rope soap http://cf32.clusty....p%7c&sec=1269522457
Hardly an original idea. [DrBob, Mar 25 2010]

It's also a line from 'Good Morning, Vietnam!'
[RayfordSteele, Mar 29 2010]

For when showering around priests.
-- rcarty, Mar 25 2010

one-liner in several comic-routines as well as 3 anno's on the HB. zzzzzzz
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 25 2010

One day it had to come to this, and your timing is perfect. A slippery +.
-- blissmiss, Mar 25 2010

Oh Thou Questy One, I butt disagreeth that this was widely known to exist, as far as I can tell.
-- blissmiss, Mar 25 2010

Just to forestall some of the more obvious echoes, how about soap-on-a-rope shaped like the pope smoking dope and groping an antelope?

Nope, not a hope.
-- Wrongfellow, Mar 25 2010

I thought the pope shits in the woods?
-- zen_tom, Mar 25 2010

*ope on a rope - choose your favourite.
-- nineteenthly, Mar 25 2010

Misanthrope on a rope, you f*cking bastards.
-- zen_tom, Mar 25 2010

dope on a rope for all those who frequently lose their stash...
-- xandram, Mar 25 2010

ditto 21Q's 2nd anno. Still feeling nauseous after his first anno.
-- DrBob, Mar 25 2010

// I don't want His Holiness looking up my hole // The Holy See
-- marklar, Mar 25 2010

I'm giving it a - just for the annos. ('insert' obligatory anus pun)
-- dentworth, Mar 25 2010

Okay, even I can't defend this nasty non-idea anymore. I always try to give the benefit of doubt, but the nays have proven their case.
-- blissmiss, Mar 25 2010

"The Holy See"
The Holey See"
-- phoenix, Mar 25 2010

'Wash with it, go straight to heaven.'
-- RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2010

Well, I knew it existed.

A helpful hint is to Google the title before posting an idea.

Creepy-clever annos, though.
-- baconbrain, Mar 25 2010

Thanks for finding this apparently highly-succesful valid invention already baked (actually existing).

Halfbakery's operation being very logical and well thought out and, itself, ironically, fully-baked, and well done, clearly, nventions need to be entered in halfbakery and not just mentioned in an anno, otherwise, we could just type idea after idea in the annos making them half-baked inventions and ruining the purpose of halfbakery.  We do not need to search annos for half-baked inventions, because annos are not actual inventions and only actually-existing inventions disqualify an idea, per this website's Help link.

I did get this idea 2 popes ago.  Maybe I'll modify it by specifying a noose in case the Pope is found complicit with the paedophile preasts.

Also:  Hope-on-a-rope IS a BAD idea, if you think it through.
-- Mustardface, Mar 26 2010

my objection was more with it being a baked joke that I've heard several times on TV, rather than a cut'n'paste (not trying to imply that anything more was required though) from an anno(s) or the 5,000'ish valid Google hits.
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 26 2010

Can a Pope be impeached;-)
-- blissmiss, Mar 26 2010

//Pope on a rope//

Ya know, for kids. <apologies to the "Hudsucker Proxy">
-- Jinbish, Mar 26 2010

Someone will suggest Pope Idol next.
-- marklar, Mar 29 2010

I think i first thought this some time during the reign of Paul VI, but it probably depends on when Soap On A Rope first came out.

Incidentally, if you look Soap On A Rope up on Wikipedia, it sends you somewhere totally unexpected.
-- nineteenthly, Mar 29 2010

How about Pope On a Goat?
-- xenzag, Mar 29 2010

Two Popes One Soap.
-- nineteenthly, Mar 29 2010

This has the scope to become something of a trope.
-- Wrongfellow, Mar 29 2010

This is more of a slippery slope...
-- Jinbish, Mar 29 2010

Soap-on-a-Slippery-Slope is a waterslide at the Fun City water park.
-- swimswim, Mar 29 2010

Don't be a party poper.
-- pocmloc, Mar 29 2010

How about those strange ball type thingies that get put, well you know where?

Poop on a rope?
-- Ling, Mar 29 2010

that one comes on a loop (of rope)
-- swimswim, Mar 29 2010

I've a funny feeling they may display one of these in Lewes on Bonfire night
-- Dub, Mar 29 2010

I keep my astronomical equipment suspended by means of a taught piece of twisted cord... Yes, that's right, Telescope on a Rope.

My fiance and I were going to run away together and get married on an incline... Yes, that's right, Elope on a Slope.

All of my cleaning products are this one, specific purplish-brown colour... Yes, that's right, all my soap is taupe.

I much prefer my illegal pharmeceutical solutions to have been filtered through charcoal filters as opposed to diamond ones... Yes, that's right, Dope filtered by the appropriate Allotrope (of Carbon)

I like eating baby calves that've been hammered and cooked in knitted footwear... Yes, that's right, Veal Escalope in a Sock.
-- zen_tom, Mar 29 2010

The world of abdominoscopes, anorthoscopes, astigmatoscopes, baroscopes, bronchoscopes, cardioscopes, chromoscopes, chronoscopes, colonoscopes, cryoscopes, electroscopes, embryoscopes, encephaloscopes, endoscopes, fluoroscopes, galvanoscopes, gastroscopes, gyroscopes, helioscopes, hematoscopes, hydroscopes, iconoscopes, kaleidoscopes, kinetoscopes, magnetoscopes, microscopes, monoscopes, orthoscopes, oscilloscopes, periscopes, phosphoroscopes, photoscopes, planiscopes, polyscopes, proctoscopes, radioscopes, retinoscopes, scintilloscopes, stethoscopes, stroboscopes, synchroscopes and thermoscopes could keep this idea alive for a long time, if nobody tried to get all the most obvious ones out of the way in one fell swoop.
-- Wrongfellow, Mar 29 2010

Belsapope on an artitrope.
-- marklar, Mar 29 2010

The Groat Escope
-- pocmloc, Mar 29 2010

Now, if Pope on a Rope was like one of those dancing Elvis figures you can hang in your car, that dance on the parcel shelf, I would conceivably buy one. Especially with the funky white suit, pointy hat and shepherd's crook. Bonus points if his free arm is raised in benediction, so he can bless tailgaters and passing pedestrians.

Soap? Nope.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Apr 07 2010

Actually, an endoscope on a rope could be quite useful. You could insert it into the appropriate orifice, maybe recording (though then you'd be doing it blind), then pull it out with the string like a tampon.

Archbishop on a rishop?
-- nineteenthly, Apr 07 2010

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