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Business: Hotel
Porridge Motel   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Open All Hours.

A cosy nest for fans of gentle British comedy (punnery, word play, spoonerisms, self deprecation and silly noises).

Do some pretend porridge and while away the hours with like-minded souls, lamenting the passing of comedy giants Benny, Spike, and now Ronnie Barker.


And now, it's 'goodnight' from me.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 06 2005

I often think what a sad loss to british comedy was the early death of Richard Beckinsale
[po, Oct 06 2005]

The Two Ronnies
Never again will we see the likes of Piggy Malone & Charley Farley <dabs away a tear>. [DrBob, Oct 06 2005]

//comedy giants Benny// The bloke from Crossroads?
-- coprocephalous, Oct 06 2005

I know there is some division of opinion over whether Benny Hill is in the same 'class' as some of his peers, but for his Fred Scuttle character alone I think he deserves to be called a comedy giant.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 06 2005

Oh, I saw "motel" in the title and thought "Crossroads"
-- coprocephalous, Oct 06 2005

Do fans of gentle British comedy occasionally find themselves on the road?

This here for the bed & breakfast minded?
-- reensure, Oct 06 2005

hugs DrBob
-- po, Oct 06 2005

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