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Portable device that provides internet.

Portable Internet.

A little device that receives internet service directly from satellites so when you go to any computer you take the internet with you.

--------- "it has to send data back to the satellite by his own or using a land line", well, the software and hardware already exists, how do you think the data got up there in the first place? ---------

The Portable Internet can connect to any computer via a USB port and provide instant internet access.
-- canoro, Oct 09 2007

Satellite phone computer integration
[jutta, Oct 09 2007]

Movable satellite uplink
Dish hooked up to a motorhome, cool! Mentions exorbitant pricing of the hand-held satellite phones. [jutta, Oct 09 2007]

[::] barcode
[beanangel, Oct 11 2007, last modified Oct 12 2007]

Unless it's your only option, you really don't want personal wireless access directly via satellite. Bandwidth is high, but so's the latency, and it's much more expensive than the more widely used wireless phone based interfaces.

I'm surprised that someone is familiar with existing technology to the point of "inventing" this, yet doesn't know that it exists!
-- jutta, Oct 09 2007

In its simplest form, you can just use a normal GSM cellphone with a modem. The speed won't be good (about 9600 bits/s, I think) but it is mobile Internet and has existed for many years. More modern things like 3G cards would give better speed.
-- Srimech, Oct 09 2007

Ah, so it's like the internet, only it's portable.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 09 2007

I thought of a way to make it work

satelite flares are visible at google earth; to make an object big enough for a spy satellite to see it you could have a thing like a laserpointer flash glyphs or dots around a meterish radius of the laptop; big enough for even publicly known satellites to see IR so it is nonvisible to persons; basically like coded diasco lighting around you that the satellite can see

kind of like a glittery version of few meter radius 3d barcode a satellite can see plus a make magazine thing I saw on laying out yard sized squares to make videogame scenes visible from google earth
-- beanangel, Oct 11 2007

Nice link [jutta] - looks like a very geared up pair of hippies to me.
-- wagster, Oct 11 2007

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