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kickstarting a career in architecture

-There is a shortage of housing in th UK.

-New large scale housing estates are ugly.

-Good architecture doesn't necessarily need to cost more than bad architecture.

-There are too few opportunities for architects to build creatively.

After architects have finished their architecture degree, RIBA part 1, and go onto their masters, RIBA part 2, this should be spent planning, researching, designing and siting their ideal house.

Thorough research, meticulous planning and an award winning presentation will be required to pass this part of the course.

RIBA Part 3, The part spent in practice anyway, will have you BUILD your creation. You will recieve support from your practicing firm, who, will no doubt be delighted to have another comission added to their portfolio, and the opportunity to get imaginative.

You will receive funding from a bank/large coorporation/property tycoon/estate angency. In return, they will receive *your* building. One of the strict requirements is that your building must come within a certain budget, certain timescale and it must sell for a profit. Not easy, but that's the world of architecture, and this is a requirement for passing the course.

With their tidy profit, and your valuable experience, everyone's a winner!
-- daaisy, Dec 09 2005

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