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In for a penny...

I have a keyring that can hold in a pound coin, for things like emergencys. Then I thought, 'what if I didn't have a pound in the keyring for an emergency? What if I lost it, or spent it on an emergency phone call?'. In comes my idea for pound jewellry, jewellry that can hold a pound coin (or Euro, or Dollar) in it. Pound earrings will be made of silver with an easy put in for a pound, then you put them in (works best if it's a new pound), and pound bracelets, rings and ankle bracelets will br pretty much the same thing, but the pound bracelets will hold roughly 5 pounds in it, and you can also substitute the pound for funky gems, or charms.

And no, before anyone asks, it does not come with the pounds already in.
-- froglet, May 11 2005

In fact, why not have coins that you can wear as jewelry, popping them on or off a necklace as needed? No, wait a minute... http://chinaexchang...nt_coins_sample.gif
[DrCurry, May 12 2005]

Possible styling http://images.googl...e=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
chavtastic [calum, May 12 2005]

I find if I keep emergency funds in safe places, then I know where they are and I spend them on, say, emergency chocolate. So instead I secret money in random clothes so that in extremis I can rifle through pockets and find, hey! A fiver! I'd forgotten about that. That's lucky.
-- moomintroll, May 11 2005

[Admin: Title change. Pound Jewellry -> Pound Jewelry]
-- st3f, May 11 2005

Great for metered parking situations. I always find I don't have the right kind of change for meters.
-- Machiavelli, May 11 2005

One dollar isn't gonna do much in an emergency - i dunno about a euro or a pound.
-- CombatChuck, May 11 2005

Perhaps a pound of gold or cocaine?
-- bristolz, May 11 2005

[CC] One or two dollars will do enough in an emergency, I mean emergency as in the everyday kind, like if you're stuck at some obscure train station and you need to call someone to pick you up, or if you needed some more spare change for a parking meter.

[bris] If someone started commercialising that, I don't think that the local legal authorities would appreciate bracelets, etc to hide your emergency stash of cocaine if you're on a bus that has collided with a train and you need to get high coz of the stress of the situation! Joking.
-- froglet, May 11 2005

Somewhat moot as I don't think anyone, authority or otherwise, will appreciate jewelry bulbous enough to accomodate a pound of cocaine.
-- bristolz, May 11 2005

I think that is a good idea for most people. I probably shouldn't have pound jewelry though because I would most likely use it to buy an 'emergency' Dr. Pepper or a Pepsi. I am WAY too addicted to pop.
-- hobbitcoat, May 12 2005

Start carrying wads of counterfeit money. If you get caught spending it and it is a genuine emergency then surely that`s mitigating circumstances.

(not that I`m advocating ever planning a criminal defence in advance)
-- goatfaceKilla, May 12 2005

...just thinking about an *emergency* pound of cocaine...
"No officer, it's for emergencies!"
-- zen_tom, May 12 2005

Shirley it should be Jewellery, since the currency involved is a pound? It'd be Dollar Jewelry. Wouldn't it?
-- salachair, May 12 2005

I thought (sub-) pound jewellry was baked by Gerald Ratner, in his infamous "prawn sandwich" speech.
-- TolpuddleSartre, May 12 2005

[salachair] Yeah, I agree with you, it's just that I don't exactly want to change anything the moderatos have already changed once. You never know, it might start a name changing war! Kidding.

[ack] What do you think?
-- froglet, May 12 2005

That sure could be found useful in case of an impounded car or a pounding heartbeat...?
-- JeanLuc159, Apr 02 2012

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