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Strike a mighty blow

Hammers are one of the oldest tools known to man. Using a nail to stick two pieces of wood together is about the simplest way you can do it.

And nothing is so much fun it can't be funner with the addition of a little gunpowder.

Building on the tried and true Powder Actuated Tool used by so many tradesmen driving fasteners into concrete and steel, the Mjolnir does away with the totally separate device that needs to be struck by the hammer, and contains the loads and firing mechanism all in the hammer itself.

The Mjolnir functions as a conventional hammer until a thumb trigger is depressed, whereupon the next strike will cause a blank shell to fire, adding considerable thrust to the short-stroke hammer piston. Under normal use, a spring restrains the hammerhead, while allowing it to absorb some rebound shock, thus preventing considerable elbow fatigue in the user.

Readily available strips of blank loads go into the handle of the hammer, and are easily and quickly replaced.

Granted that there are single-handed devices that will use powder loads, but they all require a somewhat involved loading process of specialized fasteners, and of course you never look too cool trying to tap something down with your Hilti. The Mjolnir does it all.

Hearing and eye protection devices are strongly recommended. Be careful not to power a strike directly onto an unyielding surface, as the kickback is then really quite nasty.
-- elhigh, Oct 21 2005

Where do I begin to write a critique of the Mjolnir? After two minutes of tapping in finishing nails, my arm beyond the elbow will be useless for six month if my doctor is to be believed.
-- reensure, Oct 21 2005

Very good name. Very cool tool. Give me a hammer any day, but still...
-- wagster, Oct 21 2005

They make pneumatic nail guns. I wouldn't want to put my hand anywhere near something this is going to hammer on. (I sometimes use needle nose pliers to hold nails w/ just my regular old hammer).

Is there a fastener (nail) feed included in the Mjolnir?
-- Zimmy, Oct 21 2005

Available in single shot and semi-automatic, with rumors of a modification kit for full auto.
-- normzone, Oct 21 2005

Um, sorry, the autofeed is still in development - there are issues with where to grab once the handle is bristling with nails.

However, the follow-on HOG (Hammer of God) Big Bore option is available for those of you who hate having to hit more than once.

It uses blank shotshells. There is a six-day ATF clearance period.
-- elhigh, Oct 21 2005

I am very pleased with the Beta version of the HOG - thank you for loaning it to me. It was a little much for the railroad spikes - I could not find them afterwards, so I will stick to the Mjolnir for those. It did a fine job with some stubborn railroad trestles, though. Wear goggles.
-- bungston, Oct 21 2005

us military will probable want them. imagine what they could do to the human head.
-- RichardT, Jan 02 2010

[+] One'n'half thumbs up: please send the optional nail-holding accessory.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

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