Sport: Air
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Powerful India Rubber bands produce air, harmonics and strength.

Only a device that can be fully appreciated in India, these thick rubber bands generate a force of air through aerodynamics, the sound of a selection of characteristic helicopter blade simulations through texture modification. Spinning them over your head in one hand or both generates arm and upper body strength, air and a powerful feeling.
-- rcarty, Dec 10 2014

http://www.stevespa...eriments/sound-hose [calum, Dec 11 2014]

Titles in search of ideas
[normzone, Dec 11 2014]

Hair bands
[normzone, Dec 11 2014]

A version of the singing sound hose?
-- calum, Dec 11 2014

<Europe> "The Fiiinal Countdown!!!!!" </Europe>
-- hippo, Dec 11 2014

So you want to talk about the cultural psychological warfare of popular music?

Maybe make a power band that plays enough of a song to spread the message?
-- rcarty, Dec 11 2014

I think they have these in Guam.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2014

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