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Power Lockers   (+3)  [vote for, against]
For charging phones and laptops at schools, airports and bus stations

There are already phone charging stations at airports and other public places but charging is a slow process and you have to stay very close to guard your valuables. My son was lamenting that he wished his school locker had a charging point so he could charge his phone while he was off in classes.

The solution is to equip lockers with USB or conventional power points so your laptop or phones may be both charged and secure. In an airport, for example, one could easily provide small pigeonhole sized secure lockers with power points for a fee. This would enable the weary traveller on a 3 hour layover to recharge his personal electronics with electricity whilst recharging himself at the bar or coffee shop. Airports frown on lockers now for security by small lockers in an area away from the main crowds should be fine.
-- AusCan531, Sep 21 2013

For example...
[MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2013]

//at the bar or coffee shop// Simpler just to have power outlets there?
-- pocmloc, Sep 21 2013

Until you want to go up and get another drink, go to the toilet or have a nap - yes.
-- AusCan531, Sep 21 2013

This is exactly baked here. There are lockers with multiple compartments, each containing a range of common phone plugs. You put money in the slot, lock your phone inside and take the key. When you return, your phone is charged.

They are not very common, but I've seen a few. I suspect they are vulnerable to vandalism.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2013

I think you could make money, if not in vending, then installing units. Some technical bumps are certain to be there, but early adopters are always stuck with some strange requirements, while the rest of the world adjusts.

6 points out of 7
-- popbottle, Sep 21 2013

If you google "phone charging lockers", you'll get lots of hits. The link is to a company that makes these.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2013

Thanks [MB]. I searched the Hafbakery but not the so- called real world. I shall leave this post around for a few days then delete it as baked.

Wish they had them in Hong Kong. I usually have 4-5 hours layover in between an 8 hour and a 13 hour flight and a power locker would fit the bill to recharge my laptop and mobile phone while I stretch out for a few zzzzs
-- AusCan531, Sep 22 2013

//"all your data belong to us"//

There was a TED talk (I think) which covered data theft via chargers. The typical scenario is that someone asks if they can charge their phone from your computer; the computer then sucks off all the data whilst charging.

There is the opportunity, therefore, to implement this in a "charging locker", in the same way that fraudsters fix card skimmers to ATMs: just install a little black box between the original charging plug and a new one, inside the locker. Unsuspecting user then leaves their phone to charge, black box hoovers up data, user removes phone. At some point in the future, the fraudster returns and removes the black box, along with all the harvested data. Data harvesting can be disabled on most phones, but apparently very few people do this.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2013

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