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Product: Office Supplies: Hole Punch
Power Puncher   (+2)  [vote for, against]
More power for your hole punch

Note: This is my second hole-punch related idea.

Have you ever had to put papers into hole punches small amounts at a time? Then you'll (hopefully) like this. You feed the paper in and push the lever. When you push the lever, the spring-loaded punching heads (the things that come down to make the holes) go up, then crash back down at a considerable speed, punching through a large amount of paper. Deluxe model comes with reinforcement feature (see link) (unfortunately that only works with one page at a time)

I think this will work a bit like a staple gun, where the hammer goes up, then goes down quite fast and hard, pounding the staple in.
-- -----, Nov 19 2004

Reinforcement feature http://www.halfbake...forcement%20Applier
My hole punch reinforcement applier [-----, Nov 19 2004]

You're obviously very frustrated with hole punchers. Can't say I like doing only 4 pages at a time myself. [+]
-- Machiavelli, Nov 19 2004

I think this should work like those black-powder charged tools, firing the hole punch like a bullet down thru reams and reams of paper.
-- bungston, Nov 19 2004

Yeah, I once got fed up and sprayed WD-40 in one. My papers all had to be wiped after punching for about a week.
-- -----, Nov 19 2004

Once you get into the 100+ pages plus territory, you should be drilling holes. You can by a small hole driller, or take a huge stack to your local printer and have the holes drilled.

Which brings me to bake:
Why can't you buy printing/copy paper pre-drilled in your choice of 2, 3 or 4 hole style? Surely you could do this in a way that would not significantly increase paper jam incidents?
-- not_only_but_also, Nov 19 2004

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