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Power adjustable Center Rear View Mirror

A power adjustable Center interior Rear View Mirror. Linked to the Power mirror controller and accessed by placing the switch in the center position. This system would also be linked to the Seat,Steering Wheel, Exterior Mirror Memory systems in most higher end cars.

This would be a particular boon to people who share cars and are not of similar stature. Would also be a safety feature allowing you to adjust mirror without lifting your arm to block your view out the Windscreen. It would also allow for more precise positioning and reduced futzing around from having to lean out of position to adjust the mirror.
-- jhomrighaus, Feb 27 2006

Care to share your thoughts on the subject? I thought would be nice to have, Surprized at negatives so quick.
-- jhomrighaus, Feb 27 2006

Yeah, what's wrong with it? Seems a logical extension to the "power everything" regime currently prevalent.
-- egbert, Feb 27 2006

Please do post a link if you have one. I have found many references to side rear view mirrors but none for Center Rear View Mirrors. Many many Cars have linked the door mounted mirrors but I ve never seen it with an interior center rear view mirror(not of course saying its not out there Just havent been able to find it)
-- jhomrighaus, Feb 28 2006

Ok, I boned it because:

1. C'mon. You can't reach the mirror? It works for the side-mirrors b/c they are outside in the cold/rain, but even short people can reach the rear-view mirrors pretty easiy, in comfort, without getting hands dirty. This seems like "a button to press to adjust radio buttons so you don't have to actually press radio buttons".

2. Fiddling with controls would probably take longer than manual adjustment.

3. Even in single-driver vehicles, I adjust the rear-view, since I often sit higher in the AM than in the PM. We are all about 1 cm shorter by 5PM.
-- sophocles, Feb 28 2006

I boned it because electric motors break and the rear view mirror is too important to have out of comission.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 28 2006

I gotta bone this one too because I imagine that I could adjust the rear view mirror manually a whole lot quicker and more accurately than having to push the 4-button joystick in order to position the mirror that is most suitable for me.
-- Jscotty, Mar 01 2006

The main advantage is that the memory can be saved and reset between drivers. Too bad its baked. I've seen it in Audis and Mercs.
-- JRH517, Mar 01 2006

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