Product: Snow Globe
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Snow thingy blow thingy

Place a pump in the bottom of a snowglobe to circulate the snow, glitter or whatever the particulate is.

As the snowglobe would be powered, adding lights would be no big deal.
-- phoenix, Dec 19 2001

The Glitter Rocket
Because there had to be something where all these lines of talk -- powered snowglobes, sex toys, self-exciting elves -- naturally intersected. [Monkfish, Dec 20 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

One of the objects in the snowglobe scene could be a . . . snowblower. Alternatively the scene could be a ski resort with one of those artificial snow gun thingies. You could have a moving ski lift, too. Since its powered and all.
-- bristolz, Dec 19 2001

and skiers, tumbling around
-- po, Dec 19 2001

can we have a PPP band in this ski resort?
-- lewisgirl, Dec 19 2001

Great idea, can't believe it hasn't been baked.
-- stupop, Dec 19 2001

I have a snow globe that instead of having liquid etc inside has a small christmas scene with a windmill in it - when you flick a switch on the bottom the windmill goes round and 'flusters' (for want of a better word) the snow which is actually those little balls made of polystyrene!
-- king chay, Dec 19 2001

Just place your pre-existing snow dome on a vibrating table (which have various uses in crafts and science). Em, or you could probably do something with sex toys (sorry).
-- pottedstu, Dec 19 2001

[king chay] 'Agitates' might be slightly better.
-- stupop, Dec 19 2001

*sigh* I guess it was too good an idea to be unique. And yes, [PeterSealy] - without rising to your barb - I do know how to use a search engine and did look first. Just didn't find anything.
-- phoenix, Dec 19 2001

Yeah, market-driven snow-globe innovation marched on past this kind of thing years ago.

It was last seen, in fact, combining the things with sex toys in just the way pottedstu was starting to wonder about.

Testing the theory that anything to do with sex that the human imagination can conceive of is already for sale on-line, I asked a search engine: Hey, is it possible to buy any kind of combined vibrator/snow-globe thing over the internet?

See link and note that five shopping days remain.
-- Monkfish, Dec 20 2001

Use lava lamp tech, but have clear-in-clear instead of coloured-in-clear oils. This should stir up the "wintry air" enough to keep the snow adrift. Plus, the heat-source-cum-light-source could be a little log cabin, or some other such twee contrivance. I'd certainly buy it (if only as a present for people I don't know very well).
-- friendlyfire, Oct 13 2002

And maybe put a little fan in sea shells so we can hear the ocean without having to put the filthy things to our ears?

Any charm that a little snow globe might hold comes from when a child turns it over and watches the snow fall.
-- horripilation, Nov 07 2002

Except for the lights, we already have these in California, but they're all powered by an alternative energy source (Natch!): the San Andreas.
-- meowhous, Jan 05 2003

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