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Comes in Duct, Scotch, Electrical, or Packaging.

A hollow cylinder of rubber or plastic with a thin cardboard roll in the middle and structured sides, it looks and feels exactly like a partially used roll of {Duct/Scotch/Electrical/Packaging} tape, except for one difference - there is no actual tape, just one smooth tape-like surface going all around.

Hand it casually to your fellow engineer/spouse/nosy bystander, asking them to tear you off a strip, and snicker as they struggle to find the elusive nonexistent gap between nonexistent layers.
-- jutta, Dec 05 2008

Pranks! - Re/Search 11
Pranks a-go-go. Much history of pranks as both political statements and performance art. Some are just silly though. [wagster, Dec 06 2008]

(?) Mike D pulls a prank on his lady
A bit on the mean side, but uber-funny. [wagster, Dec 06 2008]

Art Of The Prank
worth subscribing for all those who like pranks, with strong connections to the excellent Re Search series [xenzag, Dec 06 2008]

How this post came about
The door and window of this little play-house are taped up with very thin transparent packing tape. After turning the roll over about 200 times, I just took a knife and cut the outer layer and started unrolling at the new cut - the roll must have had some other natural start, but I couldn't for the life of me find it. [jutta, Dec 07 2008]

...and in the distance a hand-drier activates...
-- 4whom, Dec 05 2008

I think someone left the toilet roll version of this where I work the other day. +
-- xenzag, Dec 05 2008

This would be funny to leave around the office.
-- Jscotty, Dec 05 2008

I love it. Kin to the quarter crazy glued to the floor and the "door close" button in elevators.
-- bungston, Dec 05 2008

Many times we have desired this particular item...... [+]
-- 8th of 7, Dec 05 2008

Yes, but it's these kinds of pranks that give my girlfriend second thoughts as to her choice of lovers...
-- MikeD, Dec 05 2008

To make it more infuriating, there could be an actual layer-like texture (which does nothing, however) somewhere on the roll.
-- phundug, Dec 06 2008

This is sick ... I want it
-- Hog, Dec 06 2008

Cruel but good. Perhaps have a short piece around it that they could see you tear off before you hand it to them.
-- normzone, Dec 06 2008

Prank scissors: basically dull scissors, not fun.
Prank erasers: Bleed ink all over the page, too costly
Prank watercooler: water is in there, and you can see it, but all that comes out is snakes. This isn't bad.
Prank printer paper: It looks like a stack of paper, but really its not. Too easy to figure out.

Basically, I think you found the winner.
-- daseva, Dec 06 2008

Even better, a roll of tape that instantly begins to tear in the long direction, with the tear spiralling toward one edge, making the rest of the roll useless. I have a drawer full of those.
-- ldischler, Dec 06 2008

Some one please get some tape off this roll. I am trying to Gift wrap this bun for jutta. [+]
-- kamathln, Dec 06 2008

Nice. Few things are as pleasing as a simple prank. [jutta] - you might like this book (link)

[MikeD] - I think I saw one of your videos yesterday (link)
-- wagster, Dec 06 2008

Way funnier than those gag condoms that don't unroll.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 06 2008

That's not funny at all. There are very few moments when humour is inappropriate, but just before sex is right up there with lowering a coffin into the ground.
-- wagster, Dec 06 2008

I have never dared traverse the symbolic synesthesia as has just occured. <cold earthy wet damp shudder>
-- daseva, Dec 06 2008

Ouch! Where is the Product:tape:evil category when you want it?
-- gnomethang, Dec 06 2008

Yeah wags, things just didn't work out with her. She had absolutely no sense of humor.
-- MikeD, Dec 06 2008

Aw c'mon wagster.
Coitus interruptus gags are like the bread and butter of the sit-com world. It's only not funny if it's you, and it's not as if they actually exist or anything.

...give it a few months.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 07 2008

This reminds me of the Candid Camera prank: Grand Opening of a new store. Customers arrive and can see people (customers & employees) inside the store, but no doors. Round and round they go.
-- BaldSpot, Dec 08 2008

+ I work in a health center and I would like to put in a request for an adheshive tape version!! hehe
-- xandram, Dec 08 2008

Prank tape rolls such as this sometimes spontaneously come into being. I have addressed such that I have encountered with the Alexander the Great / Gordian knot method. Or did until my sword got confiscated in the airport.
-- bungston, Dec 08 2008

Nice link [xenzag] - glad to see Joey Skaggs is still alive and kicking.
-- wagster, Dec 08 2008

If I was in anyway musically inclined, I would now have to name my band "Prank Tape", even if I released it on MP3.
-- 4whom, Dec 08 2008

For something even more devious do this with toilet paper (of course you would have to figure out ho to keep people from breaking the paper). For duct tape this would be awesome!
-- SolarDon, Mar 01 2012

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