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Pre-Covid Air   (+11)  [vote for, against]
I mean, it's sorta accurate.

I have a couple shipping containers which haven't been opened since mid-2019. I'm thinking of extracting the air within and shipping it in bottles around the world as it's "Guaranteed to Be Pre-Covid" and safe(ish) to breath.

Somebody will buy it.
-- AusCan531, Jul 19 2021

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Money to burn? Buy some air... [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 19 2021]

British Air
[xenzag, Jul 20 2021]

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Fab. I'll have a dozen! :D
-- DrBob, Jul 19 2021

^You're not too fussy about mould and mildew, right?
-- AusCan531, Jul 19 2021

I was thinking that airplanes should require airtight masks and compressed air for everyone, but didn't realize that the air would also have to be old.
-- 4and20, Jul 19 2021

How would you extract the air, whilst keeping its purity?

If you could insert a large sterilised inflatable bladder into the container, you could inflate the bladder with COVID-poisoned air and then tap off the displaced ancient air. But there is the danger of contamination when you are inserting the bladder.

You could tap a hole in diagonally opposite corners, and then gradually submerge the container so that water came in through the bottom corner, and you could tap the air from the top corner. But the air could get contaminated by the water.

Perhaps the only way to do it is to make an enormous hermetically sealed chamber half filled with sterilised (distilled?) water. Then do the submersion thing in that chamber.
-- pocmloc, Jul 19 2021

//You could tap a hole in diagonally opposite corners, and then gradually submerge the container so that water came in through the bottom corner,//

Force it out the top with something heavy like Argon, or do the opposite with hydrogen. Remember to tie it down though, you wouldn't want a shipping container Hundenburg incident over the neighbor's house.
-- bs0u0155, Jul 19 2021

Wouldn't the two gases mix?
-- pocmloc, Jul 19 2021

Use a gas with a high boiling point, so after extraction, you can easily cool the whole sample to below said boiling point & decant. Propane perhaps?
Good idea though; silly people will definitely buy it. See linky.
-- neutrinos_shadow, Jul 19 2021

//you wouldn't want a shipping container Hindenburg incident over the neighbor's house.//

Who says I wouldn't?
-- AusCan531, Jul 20 2021

I worry that your shipping containers will not contain enough PCA to meet demand. Soon enough, the Daniels Plainview of the air prospecting industry will be snaking flexible hoses into cave complexes worldwide, air fracking concessions being granted in all jurisdictions susceptible to, uh, lobbying, PCA brands hawked by influencers on the more regulatorily swashbuckling social media platforms...
-- calum, Jul 20 2021

Great idea [+] If only 8th was still around, we could smoke him out with the suggestion of a container filled with air from pre-Hitler days so that none of his nasty molecules were present in it. When the Egyption tombs were first entered, the air trapped inside contained no "Jesus molecules". A type of air containing the guaranteed presence of extra molecules from either character would have a market. How about snake oil, from the original talking snake?
-- xenzag, Jul 20 2021

Sounds like great psychological value, but no real biological value. Market it, and the silly people gonna buy it, perhaps just for fun. Good or bad, depends on your options of other things that you could potentially be doing with your time package, listing, market and selling air-filled bottles.
-- Mindey, Jul 20 2021

Hi [Mindey]. I'm aware of all those things. Have a look at the category in which I posted this idea.
-- AusCan531, Jul 22 2021

Fair enough ;) I wonder, what would happen though, if this idea was published back in 2018.
-- Mindey, Jul 22 2021

//I have a couple shipping containers which haven't been opened since mid-2019//

I will not bring up the possibility that you are a hoarder in training, but...
-- blissmiss, Jul 22 2021

^ 'in training'? You insult me.
-- AusCan531, Jul 23 2021

I had to think about voting for this idea..

Personally, I baked this as a kid trying to sell a shoebox full of clean air! But then again, Wuhan Flu wasn’t around then. So I give you a bun, as Pre-Covid air should be very valuable.
-- xandram, Jul 23 2021

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