Product: Television: Sound
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Mute your Television before you turn it on

Avoid those few seconds of blaring sound when you turn on the tv late at night.
-- blahginger, Oct 12 2001

Baked. TV with twisty-knob volume control. (Tonight I am the reincarnated SealyBot.)

Actually, I've seen TVs with digital controls that if you mute them before turning off, they come back on muted. And on my TV, if you set the volume really low and turn it off, it'll come back on equally low.
-- pottedstu, Oct 12 2001

For all the others RT I commend you.. but Bob the Builder? Please, tell me you have children ... please....
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 12 2001

Why not have it start quiet and then over 10 seconds slowly increase in volume to the level it was at when it was turned off...
-- CasaLoco, Oct 13 2001

I have a Philips TV which has a little slide-switch for the mute control, which is almost exactly what [blahginger] suggested. The disadvantage is that you can't mute it using the remote.
-- cp, Oct 13 2001

I've got a Sony TV that does exactally what [CasaLoco] mentions. When you turn it on it's real soft, but after about 5 -10 seconds it goes up to normal sound. Wait, it might be a Magnavox. Can't ever remember these things.
-- barnzenen, Jan 22 2002

My Sony switches on at the volume it was at when it was switched off.
-- angel, Jan 23 2002

Ah! The good old days.

Chuck out that solid state amplifier feeding the speaker and put in tubes. You get the effect described as the tubes slow- w w ly warm up.
-- neelandan, Jan 23 2002

Mmmm! Tube amplifiers! (I have several.)
-- angel, Jan 23 2002

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