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Pre-recording answering machine so you can get it right

Some answering machines/voice mail systems allow you to press a button to listen to and possibly re-record the message you just dictated rather then deliver it, for example if you tripped over your words or just left out some info. How about a device on the caller side: you place a call and get a regular old answering machine, press a button, your phone hangs up immediately, then lets you dictate a message which you can proof-listen and alter until you get it just right, then you hang up, the device re-places the call and delivers the finalized message by itself. The device should be able to detect if it doesn't get the answering machine on the second call (like, if the party you are calling walks in the door in-between your calls) and alert you, rather than playing back your message.
-- JakePatterson, Mar 30 2002

It could be an option to compose the voice message prior to the first call and have replay be triggered by a button if the answering machine comes on -- saves a call.

If you have more than one button, you can turn this into a general device to inject *HONK* sound effects and prerecorded messages ("Do you have a do not call list? Great. Please put me on it.") into the voice stream.
-- jutta, Mar 30 2002

Press *Memo* button on answering machine to compose message - if the person answers, say what you will. If the answering machine picks up - play Memo.
-- thumbwax, Mar 31 2002

Thanks, thumbwax. Just got me a cellular and am reading the manual now. I'll remember your suggestion better than if it had been in the manual.
-- entremanure, Apr 01 2002

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