Product: Sex Toy
Preventative orgasms   (0)  [vote for, against]
System to make a very low threshold for orgasms in parliament, Hollywood etc

Sorry, this should be my last desperate lunge at the groping issue. Apparently it’s easy enough to wire up the spinal cord to create an orgasm artificially. The spinal box in this case is also wired to detect early sexual arousal signals, (localised blood flow?) even before the subject is fully aware. Lots of gropey old men whose ego has outgrown their attractiveness would wear this, and have shattering orgasms as soon as they see bare leg of intern / young actress on casting couch. In the refractory period afterwards they just get on with sensible business, albeit rather sleepily and with soggy pants. Save everyone a lot of bother. Plus a lot of actors/ actresses would have to up their acting game
-- DDRopDeadly, Nov 23 2017

I don't think that's always what sexual harassment is about. I imagine it's partly to do with the assertion of power over someone more than sexual excitement.
-- nineteenthly, Nov 23 2017

Yeah, you may be rightish.. but still I think the reasons are intertwined. If it was just about power, and lust didn’t come into it, you’d just have people being just pushed off their chairs, bullied and humiliated - which of course happens too.
-- DDRopDeadly, Nov 23 2017

Anyway, I can’t imagine any equally simple way to kibosh the power urge, without interfering massively with personality
-- DDRopDeadly, Nov 23 2017

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