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Public: Prison
Prison OCD   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Occupational Consent Decree (OCD) to resolve rehabilitation standards for release of prison inmates to a form uniquely suited to benefit society

A prisoner of the courts generally is waiting either for parole or for death. For the former, the wait is classified as rehabilitation -- forget for a minute the latter.

Various schemes are in place to rehabilitate inmates to a place in society. Schemes involve prison labor and services, instruction of trades, and education in and conferring of degrees in a variety of fields.

Many arguments follow that style of rehabilitative administration:

1. Prison is punishment, not vacation.
2. Costs/Benefits are high.
3. Behaviors learned by inmates are of little social benefit.

Taxpayers rankle somewhat at a rehabilitation program that produces bodybuilders, scat musicians, telemarketers, forgers, ministers, paralegals, locksmiths, and recovery therapists from the population of strong and wide-eyed high school kids they have to reform. No two ways about it.

Rather than attack the rehab systems in place, establish uniformity throughout by an order for certain indisputably beneficial credentials to be certified as learned by any inmate prior to consideration for parole. Any inmate paroled must maintain certification in his or her area as a condition of probation.

Two certifications that come to mind are emergency life support, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and water safety certification, or lifeguard training. I was offered the suggestions of Horse Handling and Lamaze classes by a couple of people I spoke with earlier today.

Think "Where are the felons when you need one?"
-- reensure, Apr 17 2002

My Purpose.
Statement of a corrections officer. [reensure, Apr 22 2002]

Yeah. ELS and CPR training would be better than say bank teller training. No time for a background check of the certified life support provider when your heart is stopped...
-- globaltourniquet, Apr 17 2002

y'know, not bad. even if most ex-cons never bothered to use the skills, if some did, who could knock that? Plus, I think that just the fact of possessing life-saving skills could favor a pro-societal mindset in people who are not only exposed to learning skills from the correctional system but also from their cellmates. In the mind, every little bit helps.
-- panamaxer, Aug 12 2002

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