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Computer: CPU
Processor Angle Riser   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Mount CPU on motherboard at 90°

Why should GPUs have all the fun?

Now you can mount your 1331-pin AMD or 1200-pin Intel processor at 90° with a CPUAR, or CPU Angle Riser. Reverse your cooler's fan direction and point the CPUAR toward the rear to vent all that nasty hot air. Top case fans? Dog-leg that CPU upward to suck all that cool air straight from the source. Or wind your water cooling hose around a CPUAR to complete that L337 633K look.
-- mailtosalonga, Oct 26 2022

less pins, still risen - pdp/11
[mylodon, Oct 27 2022]

If I'm not mistaken the timing is now way too close to add this kind of latency. You'll significantly degrade performance at best. Also straight up is probably the second best way to vent heat, after "out of the case" via liquid cooling. If you've got a liquid cooler the heat wouldn't be a problem, but the latency would. and why in the HELL couldn't they have added a few dummy pins for a 1337 processor anyway?

Yes, I know CPU fans work the opposite direction.
-- Voice, Oct 26 2022

Wait, weren't these a thing a few decades ago? And ditched almost as long ago for the reasons [Voice] just, um, voiced?
-- a1, Oct 26 2022

You're still using silicon-based processors? Don't you know quantum computing is where it's at?
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 26 2022

// still using silicon-based processors? //

No, cubic boron arsenide. It's a step in the right direction with better thermal properties, and your lot will be ready for it in a few years. Real quantum computing is further off.
-- a1, Oct 27 2022

[a1]; I thought you were taking the piss, but a quick Wikipedia search tells me BAs is interesting stuff!
-- neutrinos_shadow, Oct 27 2022

Yes, several tines a night. A problem with something up my arsenide, sadly common for a man my age.
-- a1, Oct 27 2022

Who can also have difficulty rising 90' degrees.
-- mylodon, Oct 28 2022

That started as a very clever princess-bride based joke a bout iocane powder, and ended as a joke that I will look down on myself in a couple more years.
-- mylodon, Oct 28 2022

Sure, but you had no choice. What would we have done if [neutrinos_shadow] had instead said “taking the mickey?”
-- a1, Oct 28 2022

The moral of this story is that modern chemistry can get ANYTHING up to 90 degrees whether or not that is a wise position
-- Voice, Oct 28 2022

Side effects may include high electron and hole mobility.
Ask your doctor if cubic boron arsenide is right for you.
-- a1, Oct 28 2022

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