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Programmable plant pot   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Moves and rotates plant to make the most of the sun

A plant pot on treads that can be programmed to move around the garden for certain distances and at certain times. This way the plants can make the most of the sunlight hours, also rotating to ensure even sun consumption. It could also water the plant at given intervals.

Think a plant pot mounted on something similar to that early 80's toy, Big track.
-- S-note, Jun 06 2012

how about a garden on a carousel?
-- EdwinBakery, Jun 06 2012

[+] despite my inability to read it as anything but "programmable pot plant".
-- FlyingToaster, Jun 06 2012

I'm pretty sure that a programmable Pot Plant would have a 'get-away' mode and self immolation feature.
-- S-note, Jun 07 2012

random, halfbakery