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The Biblical Proof Game

A game for three or more players.

Every player starts with a copy of the bible and some number of counters equal to the number of players. In the center of the table there is a deck of cards. On each card is printed a Book of the Bible. At the beginning of the game each person gives the person to their right a point which they must support (within reason). Then, all players draw a card. For five minutes players must look through their book to find line and verse to support their argument. At the end of the five minutes they must have a cohesive argument. Play then proceeds around the table from the dealer, each person giving his or her argument. When everyone has proven his or her point, each player must decide wich proof they liked best, and give one, and only one, of their tokens to that person.

Dealership moves one person to the right and play continues until all players have had a chance to deal.

Alternately, points to prove can be written on pieces of paper before the game and picked out of a hat instead of assigned.
-- Sand Jack, Nov 26 2001

Credo, Game of Duelling Dogmas http://www.gamecabi...16.17.18/Credo.html
A card game about the Nicene Creed. [Aristotle, Nov 26 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Scientific Refutation of the Bible Codes
Statisticians look for made-up prophecies in the Bible and Moby-Dick (which fortells the assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln). [pottedstu, Nov 26 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Actually, there is a 'Satanic Bible' http://altreligion....weekly/aa051498.htm
Of course, it's by that old carny, huckster and charlatan, Anton LaVey [Guy Fox, Nov 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

"On each card is printed a Book of the Bible." These are pretty big cards, then?
-- lewisgirl, Nov 26 2001

//When everyone has proven his or her point, each player must decide wich proof they liked best, and give one, and only one, of their tokens to that person.//

Too subjective. You could just say you like your own best and keep the token. Which would make it a very long game.

No, what you need is some sort of ranking system for 'winning hands' of arguments. Hmm. Thinks. Actually, I'd apply poker rules here - put bible quotes on the cards, try to build up a cohesive 'hand' of non-contradictory statements ('Full Ark' of Ten Commandments? Gospel of John Flush?)

I do see potential here, though.
-- Guy Fox, Nov 26 2001

The best biblical card game I have played is Credo (see link) which is about the time when the Nicene Creed was established to resolve a single version of Christianity for the Roman Empire. You get to establish your religious faction's believes from the cards dealt to you and then compete with other factions to get the final version as close to yours as possible.
-- Aristotle, Nov 26 2001

It's not really the same thing, but if you see the link I posted, people have been amusing themselves trying to find assorted prophecies in various holy and non-holy books. This hasn't been made into a game, but it would be easy to grade your work on the basis of the length of the message and the compactness of the encoding.
-- pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

Add a puff of white smoke at the end, and you've more or less defined the Catholic Church's method of electing a Pope ...
-- 1percent, Nov 27 2001

Puff of white smoke, huh? I always thought the Catholic church must be on the ol' wacky baccy.
-- CoolerKing, Nov 28 2001

I am passionately agnostic, so just to balance the books, can we have a satanists version or something? Is there a satanist bible? Probably not, but I know someone who could write one for you if you want...
-- sven3012, Nov 28 2001

Satan is a Christian invention, so the Satanists' Bible is the same as the Christian Bible.
-- angel, Nov 28 2001

As [angel] says the satanists that the scarier fundementalist Christians tend to worry about can be considered heretic Christians as they believe the same world view, although they back different sides. Whether such satanists actually exist is another issue altogether.

Various Satanic Bibles can be found in print as can dubious Christian books that were rejected from the Bible as agreed by Nicene Council (the Apocrypha) and the more recent works (The Book of Mormon).

It is probably worth pointing out that other World Religions exists other than those that claim that to be derived from Judaism, even though this number does include Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Mormons and even the Rastafarians.
-- Aristotle, Nov 28 2001

// heretic Christians //

Like, for example, the Cathars ?

The history of the Albigensan Crusade is not for the squeamish.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 19 2018

Well, no, not like the Cathars. The Cathars seem to have been very ascetic - satanists, not so much.
-- pertinax, Feb 19 2018

Could work better as an Apples to Apples type variant. You could call it Apples to Armageddon.
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 19 2018

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