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Protracker Music Box   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
A wind-up music box with samples.

A music box with a spring generator that takes Sony Memory Sticks and plays MOD files. The word MOD is short for MODule, a file format that has recordings of instruments along with information on when to play what instrument at what time and at what pitch. There would be a way to turn off the interpolation for people like me who like the high frequency sizzle, which I call the "Radagast Effect". You would be able to wind it while it is playing, and it will have enough spring to play PAPERMIX.MOD, a 16 minute song. There would be a non-backlit LCD to display the song title and time/patterns played.
-- Amishman35, Jul 29 2002

TRAXMOD Hardware MOD Player
Hardware MOD player with GNU GPL firmware and schematics. [zilym, Sep 28 2005]

Sounds like this would take electricity... I thought you amish didn't use that?
-- Aurora, Jul 30 2002

If it's an addressable wind-up music box, why not just motorize it?

[Something very similar to that - a rolling drum with addressable pins - was Baked as a Braille display unit.]
-- DrCurry, Jul 30 2002

Oh, I thought this said "potracker music box". I visualised a music box that would change volume/tune depending on your proximity to po.
-- madradish, Jul 31 2002 has firmware and schematics for building a small standalone MOD player. Now you just need the spring power generator and you're all set.
-- zilym, Sep 28 2005

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