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Socks that look like shoes

I like padding about in sock feet, but I don't think it would look very professional if I did so at work. So how bouta pair of socks that have shoe uppers loosely attached to the top? I'd look professional on the outside while feeling all sockie in my soles.
-- luxlucet, Jan 16 2005

Magritte's shoes that aren't
For some reason, your idea makes me picture this... [robinism, Jan 16 2005]

The guy from takes it even further - fake shoe tops, and NAKED soles.

"I took some old running shoes and cut the soles out of them. Also made some fake socks (cut off under the ankle). They look very convincing. Even fooled the people at the barefoot hike. After I told them I was actually barefoot the couldn't figure it out until I showed them the bottom of my "shoes". I have worn them at work, stores, restaurants, and in teaching. No one has noticed yet. So I think I can now go barefoot essentially all the time, without having to worry about societies conventions."

"Note on the construction: I found it helped to put two rubber bands on the bottom of the shoes to pull together the two sides of the shoe uppers. Otherwise the uppers spread out and look somewhat abnormal."
-- robinism, Jan 16 2005

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