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Beer is the path to knowledge.

In most english pubs you'll find a quiz machine, which offers cash prizes to those well versed enough in trivia to answer it's dastardly questions.

Now, students love beer, and hence they are often found in the pub when they should be revising. They are also notorious for their financial impoverishedness.

I propose that if universities installed quiz machines in their student bar, with sylabus-related questions rather than the usual trivia questions, students would become far more conversant with their degree subject very quickly.
-- Fishrat, May 06 2004

trivia "buff" http://www.mirror.c...hirt-name_page.html
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

As a mother of a university kid, + good one, but not bloody likely...
-- dentworth, May 06 2004

I can just imagine Tarrant on the who wants to be a millionaire machine...
"critically explore tolkiens use of language in the lord of the rings trilogy, paying particular attention to the homo-erotic undertones of the Baggins-Gamgee relationship".
-- MikeOliver, May 06 2004

the last million £ UK winner attributed his success to pub trivia quizzes
-- po, May 06 2004

But curricula vary from institution to instituition (I was taught Scheme, ffs!), so any dream of a money making nationwide network of exam question pub quiz machines is smashed on the rocks of functional reality. However, it might make an interesting electronics/computing/engineering project.
-- calum, May 06 2004

I minored in English pub.
-- ldischler, May 06 2004

-- FlyingToaster, Aug 01 2009

//Now, students love beer//
Perhaps the quiz machine should dispense beer for correct answers?
-- Gamma48, Aug 02 2009

//But curricula vary from institution to instituition// Do professors not also love beer? They would obviously set the questions in situ. Long meetings in the pub would be required to discuss the precise wording of each question. [+]
-- pocmloc, Aug 02 2009

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