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For bars and taverns, too.

Q: What proportion of television viewing requires sound?

A: Too much to be of maximum use at a noisy bar. Having to pay attention for a reasonable amount of time is unreasonable in a drunken scenario. If you find yourself watching TV at the bar, you’re (hopefully) not watching for more than a minute or two, which is what this new channel will be geared towards. Something to the effect of three or four 30-second bits followed by a 30-second ad or two, ad infinitum.

Good material can come from a myriad of sources, but sports highlights and bloopers of all sorts would definitely be prime for the picking. Demolition Derbies, the video for Beastie Boys “Sabatoge”, cheesy car chases in Blues Brothers, crazy karate guys chopping through fifteen cinderblocks, stupid human tricks--just remember that passive watching is the goal, so that the viewer could get a quick chuckle and go about business as usual.

Done, and done. Don’t make this a list. And don’t go on about closed captioning—I know what it is, and how it has no place in my idea.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 22 2004

Ten Minute Television http://www.halfbake...Minute_20Television
"Varied morsels of bite sized entertainment" [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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"...a stream of stock footage and bits of full length television shows, video clips, documentaries and movies designed to be quick and low impact." [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A proper pub
(My "local" - it's 450 miles away) [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A restaurant here known as "Islands" plays videos of surfing, skateboarding & skating tricks, skiing of various sorts, BMX, motocross, etc. The best is the skateboarding mishaps.

Seems like this would be fairly common, though I don't hang out in bars so I couldn't say.
-- half, Jul 22 2004

Isn't this why they all play sports channels, where all you care about is the current score.
-- DrCurry, Jul 22 2004

I am not a regular visitor to hotels/ pubs/clubs where this would be most appropriate but it also would have application in other places like waiting rooms and airports etc. With all the sat/cable TV around today surely one channel could be given over to this. Despite the detractors I give it a [+]
-- tasman, Jul 22 2004

I've seen clubs that play video loops similar to this. On one of the ten (!) DVDs of the Matrix box set (due out later this year) is an edited loop of scenes from the movies designed for just this purpose.
-- krelnik, Jul 22 2004

Two words: Mr. Bill.

-- dpsyplc, Jul 22 2004

Mr. Bill? Eh?

[dpsyplc] walked out of the pub at a strategic time and so missed her bill?
-- half, Jul 22 2004

A bar I used to frequent, now closed, continuously played "Three Stooges" reruns. Didn't need sound since there was no plot to follow. Good laughs. I think scenes from Three Stooges would work well with this idea. (FYI, the name of the bar was "Stooges").
-- booleanfool, Jul 22 2004

There is a good cricket match continuing tomorrow (weather permitting). Is this the sort of thang?.
-- gnomethang, Jul 22 2004

The only thing that keeps me awake while watching cricket is the sound of the ball hitting the bat and the droll commentary. Now if you take that away......
-- tasman, Jul 22 2004

Gotta bone this, [yabba]; TV in pubs? Evil.
-- angel, Jul 23 2004

[angel ]no it is the evil drink in pubs that is the problem perhaps anything that cuts into drinking time might be a plus. Is there anything evil in waiting rooms and airports? :-)
-- tasman, Jul 23 2004

So you want pubs without drink but with TV? That's not my idea of a pub.
-- angel, Jul 23 2004

Just a slight [-] I'm afraid .. I find TVs in pubs actually distracting when I'm there to be social.

Many a time I've gone out with a few friends for drinks, and suddenly half of them are watching something on their TV. If I had known I wouldn't be talking to them I wouldn't have bothered coming out!

Tv is a home thing .. and an unsocial thing (I think). We're watching too much of it already, let's not make it invade another part of 'real life'!
-- britboy, Jul 23 2004

Good point, britboy. People are so socialized by TV now, that whenever there is one in the room, they often find their eyes drawn to the screen instinctively. This can happen even if the TV is off or the content on it is uninteresting. This can be detrimental to face-to-face interaction such as conversation.
-- krelnik, Jul 23 2004

To anyone who said anything to the effect of "TV's suck in bars," they're already there. Waddayawant me to do about that? Plus, I'm sure you've gone to a bar with one friend who at some time or another had to pee, and consequently looked around spotting no attraction from the opposite sex, and consequently ended up locked with the tele.
(I'm not British--is tele the TV or the phone or both?)
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 23 2004

It's the TV, but it's usually spelled "telly".
//Waddayawant me to do about that? //
Stop encouraging them!
-- angel, Jul 23 2004

I object to TVs in pubs. I remember being out with the lads from work one evening when the conversation stopped very suddenly leaving me gabbling on. Turns out the video for Britney Spears One More Time had just been released. They were collectively speechless for about a pint.

I once was in a bar in a ski resort which had TVs showing lots of unfortunate skiing accidents. It was so mesmerising we didn't speak all evening.
-- hazel, Jul 23 2004

The same principle applies - it's rude and antisocial because everyone just sits around gawping at the telly instead of doing what you're supposed to do in a pub - drink, talk shit, put the world to rights and discuss whether spiderman could ever kill himself by slitting his wrists or whether he'd self heal.
-- hazel, Jul 23 2004

[Hazel], that's right. The Fashion TV franchises are probably the worst, with TV's set into the tables.

By the way, when I read the title, I had a strange idea that the 'Pub TV' was a program on the TV that showed a general Pub scene - just in case you had withdrawal symptoms at home.
-- Ling, Jul 23 2004

//By the way, when I read the title, I had a strange idea that the 'Pub TV' was a program on the TV that showed a general Pub scene - just in case you had withdrawal symptoms at home.//

Now *that's* an idea!

Contrary to popular belief overseas, there is an art to going to the pub. One must have cultivated an extensive knowledge of trivia, developed opinions on everything from sport to children's television and must still be able to argue your point in an erudite fashion after four pints of Kronenbourg. It's not just for drinking you know.
-- hazel, Jul 23 2004

<thinks about parallel with HalfBakery>
-- Ling, Jul 23 2004

(wanders into pub and wonders why [krelnik]'s staring at a TV that's off)
-- Worldgineer, Jul 23 2004

It's more interesting than a TV that's on?
-- angel, Jul 23 2004

He can see his reflection in the screen.
-- Ling, Jul 23 2004

I do'nt see the difference between this and having several tv's in a bar on different channels( which is the case in any bar in Canada).[booleanfool] was that at Dixie and hwy 7?
-- python, Jul 25 2004

What angel said in his first couple of annos.
-- DrBob, Jul 27 2004

[DrBob]: We'll just sit and have a quiet third or two, eh?
-- angel, Jul 27 2004

Fancy coming down to my local? Lots of plants, natural light, dogs allowed and no tv's.
-- wagster, Jul 27 2004

How about a series of news tickers for the major news outlets, sports, and other random stuff, like small ads, random facts, drink statistics, etc.
-- Alx_xlA, Oct 11 2008

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