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Do you want to send microsoft an error report Y/N?

Internalised anger is a bad thing. Just as there is, in my humble opinion, no easy way to slam your mobile phone down on someone who's annoying you, so there is no satisfactory way to click your mouse angrily.

Next time your vitally important project is lost due to a software glitch, make sure you take your frustrations out on your Punch Mouse. Attached to your PC via a USB connector, the punch mouse consists of two sensitive punch bags, one green and one red, secured to a robust frame.

So when the annoying message "Do you want to send Microsoft an error report Y/N?" you can give the green or red punch bag a frustration alleviating smack.
-- Fishrat, Jul 20 2005

Brilliant! [+]
-- Minimal, Jul 20 2005

Yes, it whiffs a bit of rant, but I like it.[+]
-- coprocephalous, Jul 20 2005

Rant? Nope, I've internalised that....
-- Fishrat, Jul 20 2005

Funnily enough [Ian], I wrote almost that exact sentence in the original idea, but deleted it for fear of ranting. Strange.
-- Fishrat, Jul 20 2005

I want one now!
-- energy guy, Jul 20 2005

I click my mouse angrily all the time... :P Bunny.
-- Tempest, Jul 22 2005

Since I snapped the motherboard and broke the keyboard of my laptop by beating it with a coffee mug, I have been thinking along these very lines.

However, I also had the idea of making the computer say 'OW!' when you punched it, and possibly begging for mercy.
-- pooduck, Jul 22 2005

[pooduck] Heh Heh. I wish my computer did what you mentioned in the last line.
I've had to try and remember which key went where after they popped out from abuse.
-- Zimmy, Jul 22 2005

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