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Purpose Built Police Car

Why doesn't someone come out with a purpose built police vehicle that is not an adaptation of a car such as the Ford Crown Vic? I would assume that since the market for such a car would be very large, the manufacturing costs could be kept down. Such a car would be officer "friendly" and be capable of carrying a prisoner. It would have high speed capabilities with some sort of cylinder shut down when just cruising with traffic to save fuel. In addition, the car would have a reinforced push bar for P.I.T maneuvers and a roll cage.
-- BMCCUE, Sep 26 2005

Modern Racer: Foreign Pursuit Vehicles http://www.modernra...res/foreigncop.html
This is the article that reensure refers to. As for being popup-laden, try it with Firefox plus the adblock extension. [land, Oct 25 2005]

Last of the V8 Interceptors. Be a shame to blow it up.
-- bungston, Sep 26 2005

I'm guessing that size and speed (of likely auto entanglement contestants or passengers) matters in the US, but I know a high wheelbase, durable suspension, and traction in soft or rugged ground is desirable.

From a (pop-up laden) website called Modern Racer, comes the following: "GM's Australian Holden division controls a slice of the police car market down-under with its Holden Commodore. This rear-wheel-drive sedan, when equipped with Chevy's LS1 V8, produces anywhere from 300 to 350 hp depending on the trim and model year. Some of the models can reach 60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds. Top speed can be assumed to be above 150 mph. It also services Middle Eastern countries under the Chevrolet Lumina(!)" badge

Also highlighted are the Ford Mondeo, the Volvo S60 and V70, the Peugeot 406, and various BMWs and Volkswagens used by the German Polizei, and "various Fiat and Alfa Romeo models used by the Italian police and Carabinieri, and various Toyota, Nissan and other brands used by the Japanese" -- all presumably front-wheel drive.
-- reensure, Sep 26 2005

Many British forces used the Vauxhall Senator (UK version of the Commodore), and Vauxhall made a 'police special' version of it (lighter, stiffer suspension, tuned engine). For a time it was the fastest British four-seater available. Then Vauxhall introduced the Lotus Carlton.
-- angel, Sep 27 2005

City of Fairfax (Virginia) police drove Volvos in the 80's. They looked like a joke, until I saw video of a car chase. Even in the 80's those Volvos really stuck to the turns. And God help you if the cop is feeling inspired; conventional drivers don't hold a candle to a trained policeman behind the wheel.
-- elhigh, Oct 24 2005

Official police specification: 'A hardtop with a decent engine, and make sure it's got a big trunk.'

/Sin City quote
-- rubyminky, Oct 24 2005

In the late '80s and early '90s, the California Highway Patrol (and other states, as well) ran Special Service 5.0 liter Mustangs. I think a lot of Camaro-owners' hearts were broken being pulled over by a mere Mustang.
-- land, Oct 25 2005

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