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Pyramid Death Pool Scam   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
Make money the old-fashioned way.

I was reading about Maxco's Hawkster RC idea and it occurred to me... all this pseudoblasphemy upon the poor genius, why not have a death pool? Pay money to choose his time of death down to the month...

Then I thought: wait a minute! I'm broke. Not only can I start my own death pool, keeping the money for myself (I'll need a liaison and pay him/her well), I can also teach people how to do this, and get cuts from all their pool inserts, and all the people they teach too! I can even distribute liaisons for a reasonable fee. Ballin' outta control death pool style, baby!
-- daseva, Jan 22 2010

Stephen Hawking is up for grabs. RC_20Hawking
Somewhat connected. [daseva, Jan 22 2010]

Ah - I was thinking this would be a high-dive board placed above a pool which, due to clever refractive techniques, appeared normal but in fact tapered to point at the bottom, thereby wedging the diver.

However, your idea is considerably better. [+]
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2010

I love the idea of ripping off people who have morbid fascinations!
-- bungston, Jan 22 2010

Let's not be so hasty in looking past the alternate wedging idea.
-- rcarty, Jan 22 2010

and to finish the list 4) inside mental hospital 3) surrounded by orderlies 2) no longer wearing hospital gown 1) meds being injected.
-- rcarty, Jan 22 2010

[+] This is an improvement on an existing concept- There are people buy out the insurance policies on the terminally ill. They get the patient to name them as the beneficiary in exchange for large sums of money which is a percentage of the benefit amount. The patient gets to enjoy his last days having fun with the money while the investor is banking on collecting the money within a year.
-- Jscotty, Jan 25 2010

//Let's not be so hasty in looking past the alternate wedging idea.//

Here, here. <raises glass>
-- MikeD, Jan 26 2010

I love this, mostly b/c I laugh and imagine Andy Samberg saying the last line.
-- ShaneSezWhat, Jan 29 2010

I was thinking Carl from ATHF. Andy could do it too, in a more gay and less washed-up sort of way I suppose.

But, if you really want to cycle through some good ones, might I suggest:

Jessica Rabbit
-- daseva, Jan 29 2010

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