Product: Cotton Swab
Q-tips big as the end of your finger   (+1, -2)  [vote for, against]
Never put anything in your ear smaller than the end of your finger.

People clean their ears with Q-Tips. People aren't supposed to put things smaller than the end of their finger in their ears. Q-Tips warns of that with their product.

Q-Tips calls itself the safety swab, because, before Q-tips, swabs had cotton only on one end of the stick. The other end could puncture an eardrum or poke an eye.

With my idea for Q-Tips as big as the end of your finger, Q-Tips could move forward their historic mission of safety. Or, a competitor could finally outpace them.

The end of the big-as-the-end-of-your-finger Q-Tip might require a component other than cotton on a stick.
-- Mustardface, Jan 14 2005

Oh, ears. Ah. Okay.
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2005

erm. just use your finger it you are concerned.

I've never heard this advice before (what if you have disportionally thin fingers..).
-- neilp, Jan 14 2005

and Diamonds as Big as the Ritz.
-- bristolz, Jan 14 2005

//I've never heard this advice before//

Maybe because this is the "if you masturbate, hair will grow on the palms of your hand" sort of advice.

I don't think this are of any use, first because if our fingers were enough to clean the inside of our ears Q-tips may have never been invented.
-- Pericles, Jan 14 2005

These exist, although I can't find a quick link to a photo. The tips of the swabs are larger than the average Q-tip, firmer, and slightly more tapered. <TMI>The tip itself looks similar to a reservoir-end condom tip</TMI>
-- reensure, Jan 14 2005

I was always told "...smaller than your elbow", which I assume was just so adults could watch children trying to stuff their elbows into their ears. Is there a market for this too?
-- tiromancer, Jan 14 2005

"Smaller than a tennis ball," is another one.
-- Detly, Jan 14 2005

Do they have auger-shaped q-tips yet? like a cotton screw for your ears?

If not, that idea is ALL mine.
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 14 2005

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