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Q3 Arena for Politicians   (+8, -2)  [vote for, against]
Let 'em Frag it out for the best seats in congress

Just imagine, Clinton appears on a flying skateboard with the rail-gun aimed squarely between Dubya's the last minute Gore appears weaponless - HUMILIATION! goes the cry as he swipes at Dubya and disappears in a bloody mass of gibs....there's GB senior on the bounce pad with the rocket launcher...he, he, he...

Could appear between Friends and Letterman....
-- Skybird, Jan 05 2001

"4/_60R3 was reduced to hanging chad by |3U$H's railgun..."
-- centauri, Jan 05 2001

Wouldn't this be more like half life or counterstrike? Current technology doesn't stretch to railguns and the like.
-- Gimp, Feb 02 2001

I'd vote for this if we just gave them real railguns, and then set them on eachother in a new version of American Galdiators that'd actually be interesting to watch.
-- McCannCity, Mar 26 2001

I vote we use real guns, in a more Unreal torniment style arena. Afterall most of these weapons we can reproduce.

Just think, we could have cross atlantic matches, say the democrats (USA) v Conservitives (UK).

I also believe that lawers should be included, just think of the ratings! It also a good way to clean out corruption in goverment.
-- cartman, Jul 19 2001

This is REALLY STUPID, but REALLY GOOD. A damn good idea.
-- mailtosalonga, Apr 01 2004

Like a debate, only more exciting!
-- Quantum_P, Apr 02 2004

More realistic: Skins of the people playing. Could be amusing.

"Mah fellow Ahmericahns, Ah did not have automahtic relations with thaht railguhn!"

"How many frags, you say? can we get a recount?"

"I believe that mankind and fish can live peacefully, as long as we don't give guns to the fish. And if they hand over their oil right now."
-- Eugene, Apr 04 2004

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