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Food: Chocolate
Quality Street Centrifuge   (+23)  [vote for, against]
I hate the toffee ones.

Now I love those chocolate assortment boxes which appear every Christmas, with all the different flavours wrapped up in different coloured shiny foil, all ready to be unwrapped and popped into the mouth. Only problem is, we all have our definite favourites. I'm an orange creme person, myself, which puts me in a minority (and makes me some sort of freak of nature, or so I'm told. By toffee-lovers). So I end up spending half the movie digging through the tin, looking for orange creams, when I should be watching the exciting swordfighty bit. And then it's left to my fellow watchers to explain the plot to me when I finally re-emerge from the chocolate tin, mouth full, saying "Ah' 'appn?"

But these chocolates are all different shapes and sizes, and are probably different weights, too. So...

Introducing the Quality Street Centrifuge! Simply pour the contents of the entire tin into the hopper, and the contents will be shaken and spun, shaken and spun, rinsed, and finally ejected slowly so that each different type emerges , one after another, neatly sorted, and they can all be put in separate bowls. Handy universal clamps on the underside will securely attach the centrifuge to the arm of your sofa.

(I know they now sell separate cartons of the individual flavours, but that's so much less fun, and besides, people never buy those for you. And they don't do an orange cream one, anyway.)
-- moomintroll, Feb 11 2006

the Brazil Nut Effect
[hippo, Feb 12 2006]

Candy-gram Candy-gram
Try my idea first... [Steamboat, Aug 10 2009]

moomintroll - you have just prompted me to put up an idea I have had sitting for a while - You'll recognise it when you see it, but meanwhile have a croissant to chew on +
-- xenzag, Feb 11 2006

Er.. okay. Can I have my croissant first, please?
-- moomintroll, Feb 11 2006

Thank you!
-- moomintroll, Feb 11 2006

That's one of mine.

Oi! [xenzag]! <bounces pastry off [xenzag]'s head> Croissant needed!
-- wagster, Feb 11 2006

He's off somewhere. I still haven't seen this idea of his (hers? We really need an Internet Pronoun).
-- moomintroll, Feb 11 2006

rinsed, what are you thinking?
-- po, Feb 11 2006

Well, after talking about spin cycles, it just seemed a natural progression ;)
-- moomintroll, Feb 11 2006

wet chocolate nearly deprived you of a +
-- po, Feb 11 2006

I'm with you [moom], the orange cream ones are the best. (toffees are alright I guess, but the nut ones are a bunch of poo)
-- Jinbish, Feb 11 2006

The Green Triangle Praline Experience
-- wagster, Feb 11 2006

Careful not to turn it on too high. Mine sorted the chocolate from the nuts, and even pulled the liquor out of the cherries.
-- Worldgineer, Feb 12 2006

Death by nut pelting
-- daseva, Feb 12 2006

I can deal with all the nuts that you can throw at me ;)
-- po, Feb 12 2006

Excellent idea. The other way to separate out different types of Quality Street is to use the "Brazil Nut Effect" (see link). High frequency, low amplitude vibration of the container (i.e. jiggling it for a while) will grade the chocolates, leaving the largest, lowest density ones at the top.
-- hippo, Feb 12 2006

I'll raise you three Srawberry Cremes
-- hippo, Feb 12 2006

IT, re: maltesers. try sucking 'em. an altogether different experience.
-- po, Feb 12 2006

oops! I forgot your croissant - I still prefer the fishbone logo - that croissant always looks like a little turd to me. The idea will surface, all in good time - don't want to be perceived as trying to usurp your excellent offering.
-- xenzag, Feb 12 2006

Brilliant notion [+] and, like Ian says, could be co-opted for other sorting operations too - and to realign with the washing-machine thread, mightn't socks have densities such that pairs could be automatically found using a centrifugal process?
-- zen_tom, Jul 28 2009

Ah. now. that would be wonderful...
-- moomintroll, Jul 30 2009

get your smelly socks out of my dark choco-amaretto

**hey moom, how goes it?**
-- dentworth, Aug 01 2009

Could this be developed into some sort of Ferrero Rocher trebuchet?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 02 2009

[hippo] Just to be picky, the brazil nut effect refers to larger objects' moving to the top with no favourable density difference.
-- spidermother, Aug 03 2009

[spidermother] you're right
[Ian] yes - although maybe "Object-oriented chocolates" should be posted as a new idea
-- hippo, Aug 03 2009

Hmm, I think there's a social commodoties idea in here somewhere. A local swap shop where people meet for coffee and bring their unwanted chocolate varieties to exchange.
-- marklar, Aug 11 2009

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