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How quirky are you? Find out here would be a rating website that lets you describe an unusual habit of yours, or that of someone you know. If your pet has a strange habit, you can post that, too.

Visitors to the website get to randomly read one of these quirks, and vote on how quirky they think that habit is.

Votes could either be on a 1-10 scale, or a qualitative scale such as 'totally normal, everyone does this', 'a little eccentric', 'perfectly quirky', 'pretty bizarre', 'scarily freaky'...

Visitors can also add comments - admitting to the same quirk, suggesting useful tips, mocking the quirkee, or whatever.

This website would benefit:

1. People who think they're weird find out they're not so weird after all. ("Well, 40% of people think my predilection for putting mayonnaise on fries is a little eccentric, but only 3% reckon it's scarily freaky, and over 100 people have said they do the same! Wow! Who knew?")

2. People who thought their partner was just a little weird finally realise that in fact they're dating a total nutter. ("I should've trusted my first instincts, I knew his spending time on that 'halfbakery' website was a sure sign of insanity.")

3. People who do have a strange habit, and get the chance to read the sort of comments and insults people throw at them in a safe environment, perhaps giving them the self-confidence to be more open about their quirk in real life as they will be better prepared for awkwardness or embarrassment that arises. Or the good sense to keep their all-too-freaky habits to themselves. ("Okay, maybe I won't tell the next girl I date about my armpit hair collection, at least not till the second date.")

4. Insane axe-murderer types hoping to figure out which of their more obvious tics they should try to hide, and which they can get away with. ("Hmm... looks like I might be able to carry off my metal glove, as long as I can tone down my manic laugh.")

5. People who thought that everyone would vote for a particular quirk as being really strange, but see that everyone else thought it's normal, or vice versa - so *they're* the strange one. ("But I thought everyone finds Margaret Thatcher sexually arousing?!")

Come to - and we'll tell you how weird you are!
-- imaginality, Mar 16 2007

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Quirk Museum (artwork)
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Proof that MPs are weird?
[imaginality, Mar 16 2007]

lotion by the greenkeepers?
for you freaks. [the dog's breakfast, Mar 16 2007]

HP sauce?
Let's go Dutch.
How very British.
[coprocephalous, Mar 16 2007]

Dark Matter Quirk
caused by Quirks being prodded, and otherwise probed and annoyed [xenzag, Mar 16 2007]

If you need to consult a website to know whether your habits are weird, then please don't sit there.
-- DrCurry, Mar 16 2007

Nice, [boysparks], cheers for the laugh.

You say, "I look handsome, I look smart, I am a walking work of art - such a dazzling coat of many colours! How I love my coat of many colours!" Quirk or Not? says, 'pretty bizarre'.
-- imaginality, Mar 16 2007

[DrC], most people have what seem to them or their friends, to be eccentricities. It's always nice to find out that you aren't the only one to do these things.

It sounds almost theraputic, if not for the voting to determine how fucked up someone was and the idea of mocking them. [+] for the sentiment anyway.

And there's nothing wrong with mayonnaise and chips.
-- hidden truths, Mar 16 2007

//("Well, 40% of people think my predilection for putting mayonnaise on fries is a little eccentric// Have you ever considered you might be Belgian?
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 16 2007

"it puts the lotion in the basket..."
-- xandram, Mar 16 2007

Mayonnaise on fried potato strips is not weird. Ketchup on pretty much anything is weird.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 16 2007

Never had HP sauce. Might have to try it someday.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 16 2007

Quirk - fundamental particle that is subject to unpredictable behaviour, like twitching and releasing clouds of thick black stuff when disturbed - (see Dark Matter in link)
-- xenzag, Mar 16 2007

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