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Science: Health: Smoking: Restriction
Quitting Device   (+12)  [vote for, against]
Can't smoke when you want.

For people such as me in the process of quitting smoking, I think a small, nearly indestructable device that holds your smokes would help.

At specfic intervals, the machine will beep, the solonid will fire. and a single smoke will be presented.

The time will be set initially by pressing it every time you usually have a smoke for a few days. It then gives you smokes at this interval.

The interval is gradually decreased over a period of a few weeks, down to nearly nothing.

As a precautionary measure, there could be a single 'emergency smoke' a day you could request, in case you wreck your allowed one, or need one really bad (your gf just dumped your smoking ass), or just want to give one to someone.

This with good old fashioned will power could help. There was a device like this before, but it only told you when you could smoke. Much easier to cheat.
-- Giblet, Jan 08 2005

Key Safe http://www.improvem...&macs=macs=IFROGT01
Has the nearly indestructible contruction needed for this idea. [Mustardface, Jan 08 2005]

I voted "for". I suggest the title of your idea include "smoke" or something.
-- Mustardface, Jan 08 2005

Thanks. Takes a while to get the feel of the postings here :)

I'm learning....
-- Giblet, Jan 08 2005

Me too!
-- Mustardface, Jan 08 2005


How about the same technology as a revolver but the triggering mechanism is internal? It wouldn't have to be nearly as robust as a pistol that handles actual exploding gunpowder, but a similar system should work.
-- Giblet, Jan 08 2005

Now this, which relies on a voluntary handicap, is good. +
-- bristolz, Jan 08 2005

But if it actually looked like a revolver, it would have the benefit of reminding the smoker that he or she is killing him or herself.

Giving new meaning to "smoking gun".
-- Mustardface, Jan 08 2005

Here's your seed money: Present this idea to one of those companies that manufactures time clocks, thereupon giving you a bunch of angles to cover.
-- reensure, Jan 08 2005

Did that twenty-five years ago. Like the current smoking computers, I just analyzed my habit's non-smoking intervals and increased them until there was a @three day interval. There should always be an emergency white thing available in the quitting system. You congratulate yourself many times a day for meeting your time interval and maybe more importantly you are building up a resistance to caving in because you knew all along you could have just grabbed one. It's a total winning feeling.
-- mensmaximus, Jan 08 2005

cool -- can you put chocolate in this device?
-- not_only_but_also, Jan 10 2005

Ah, if it had chocolate in, I'd want an assault-rifle design, rather than a revolver. Higher rate of fire, etc.
-- david_scothern, Jan 10 2005

How the hell do you refill it?
-- pooduck, Jan 10 2005

When it's empty, through the magic of miniaturized transistors, sensors, and solonoids, the device opens, ready to receive the fresh pack of smokes.

You lock them all away, and it continues on with it's program.
-- Giblet, Jan 15 2005

As I was looking through my ideas I came across my quitting device, and am just now enjoying the fact that without this device, I have not enjoyed a single cigarrette since I quit while on a vacation to the Domincan Rep. This was on April 20th at 4:20am, 2006. I never looked back, except for a brief cigar smoking stint, but that has also been snuffed out.

Just sayin.
-- Giblet, Mar 20 2008

(high five!)
-- phoenix, Mar 20 2008

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