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Weather radar with sound.

This is an algorithm which imparts corresponding sounds to a weather doppler radar animation. It takes your location in the radar and assigns a series of values for your condition: temperature, wind, rain, etc. Every frame now shares a corresponding ambient sound. The sounds are put together with the frames and the result is Radar 2.0. Now you can really hear the storm coming!
-- daseva, Mar 10 2009

Interesting concept at first... somehow transposing the radar image to sound. Then you introduced temperature, wind rain etc which basically confused the idea.

I think the first sentance alone is a fine idea.

I looked but couldn't find information on a guy who does something similar to this pointing a (laser I think?) at the clouds and translates the reflections into sound. Saw it on discovery channel.
-- knowtion, Mar 11 2009

Do you mean like, for example, a musical piece? Where the tempo correlates to temperature, key is sun (minor key for thunder or wind)...
-- tatterdemalion, Mar 11 2009

People who have their own doppler radar devices generally don't need anything "2.0'd" for comprehension.
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2009

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