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Keep an eye open for them bears 'round the turn

I have a radar detector that works great. My idea is to mount an external light that would activate when the radar detector receives a signal. This light would alert other drivers of the presence of an officer. The light would be made of white, opaque plastic with blue and red light bulbs mounted behind the plastic. When radar is detected the lights would turn on for a few seconds and then turn off.

This way people speeding with me, driving behind me, would know why I have to all-of-the-sudden have to brake.
-- evilpenguin, Oct 17 2007

Apparently better idea (verbatium to this one) Visble_20Radar_20Detector
No disrespect [21], I just don't understand all the [-] votes [evilpenguin, Oct 17 2007]

You OK? Sukky Sukky one dollar. http://en.wikipedia...r_detector#Legality
A simple illustration that not all US rights/responsibilties apply the world over [4whom, Oct 17 2007]

Why do you care about those scofflaws? Let em get pulled over. You can nod sanctimoniously as you pass them.
-- bungston, Oct 17 2007

Tremendous vocabulary utilization, SIr
-- evilpenguin, Oct 17 2007

speeding: illegal
radar detectors: illegal
Notification to criminals of police activity = obstruction of justice: illegal
let he who is without sin cast the first stone: bad advice, here have a stone.
-- 4whom, Oct 17 2007

//let he who is without sin cast the first stone: bad advice, here have a stone// I don't understand the relevance to my idea...
-- evilpenguin, Oct 17 2007

Relevance; typically not necessary, but here it is. I will bet that most people that castigate the speeders of the world, have, at least at one point in their own driving histories, sped. I am one such. However this does not stop me from hurling a bone in your general direction.
-- 4whom, Oct 17 2007

//Why do you care about those scofflaws?// If you are breaking suddenly, it makes sense to warn others around you - however, on a practical level, it might not be best to light yourself up like a Christmas tree just as you pass the ever watchful eye of the law.

ps. Spelling breaking like that in this context, looks weird - should it be brakeing, or braking or something like that?
-- zen_tom, Oct 17 2007

You are of course welcome to bone any, or all, of my submissions, provided you supply a response.
-- 4whom, Oct 17 2007

"breaking suddenly" is always a concern, not limited to transportation endeavours. "braking suddenly" on the other hand...
-- 4whom, Oct 17 2007

Ahh yes, you spotted it too - I was just pondering that very same thing.
-- zen_tom, Oct 17 2007

[21_quest] great idea, huh?
-- evilpenguin, Oct 17 2007

[21 Quest] US centric, at a guess.
-- 4whom, Oct 17 2007

[21 Quest] see link.
"US centric" implies that you apply US rules to your decision-making process (reticant to use the plural here). Sometimes the rest of the world may disagree. The legality of this specific device calls your perspective into question. Legal there, not legal in <as detailed by link>. You will find, also, that many countries prohibit the divulgance of police activity to criminal elements, as an obstruction of justice, including the freedom press (and their rights, or lack thereof).
-- 4whom, Oct 17 2007

<Devil's advocate> "Hey, Mr Capone, the police have set a roadblock for you that way. Take the next left, you'll escape them." Surely there is a moral case for not working against the police as they look to catch criminals? </da>
-- david_scothern, Oct 17 2007

Roadblocks are yesterday's news, more or less - it's all about pursuits these days. Oh, and sobriety checkpoints.

I don't advise blue lights, as pretty as they are. Those are reserved for law enforcement in California.

I don't think that radar will be a criminal-catching tool. It's a revenue generator.
-- normzone, Oct 17 2007

So, why not a somewhat smarter detector that detects the "sobriety checkpoints" mentioned by Norm'z one? They'd let you drive drunk, as well as fast.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2007

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