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Unsurgical vasectomy

Having contemplated having a vasectomy recently I was horrified to discover the need for a sharp knife and a needle in the procedure...

Now when I have an x-ray, the people taking it go and stand outside and cover my parts with a lead shield.....'s coming to me....

Can't we make 4 out of this 2 and 2? Can't there be a device which obliterates my sperm good and proper without the need for invasive surgery?
-- Skybird, Jan 07 2001

They use ultrasound to break up kidney stones, so it could be fiddled with to explode your testicles, though that would probable be more painful than getting the 'chop-chop snip-snip'.
-- [ sctld ], Jun 15 2001

<stupid guy story>Instructions to the patient are to shave the required area the night before the vasectomy. Clumsy me, I cut myself. Doctor, next day: "Oh, I see you started without me."</stupid guy story>
-- Dog Ed, Jun 15 2001

<grins> They don't do it for you anymore?

Ultrasound can break up kidney stones because they're crystals. I don't think it'd work on the squishy bits involved here...I have heard of a procedure that uses radio/microwaves to cauterize the female fallopian tubes, and I THINK it's sometimes done for men, but there's a vas deferens between them...
-- StarChaser, Jun 16 2001

Oh, StarChaser, that was truly Halfwitted (and I DO mean that in a good way)
-- Legend, Jun 17 2001

Would you have any anasthetic? The procedure would hurt a lot. Use the old style "snip" or fishbone the idea.
-- smokeyjohnson, Aug 17 2002

um, i know i'm late for this... but i'm the newbie.

guys reproduce sperm at an amazing rate! all an x-ray would do is kill a few days' supply or damage the sperm, causing birth defects.

bottom line: not permanent, not very effective, and possibly dangerous to offspring.
-- digitalgadget, Jul 30 2004

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