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Science: Energy: Water: Wave
Radio Shower Head   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
A different frequency in every stream of water from the shower head.

This is a shower head that carries sound in streams of water. It consists of a shower head with many pores or nozzles from which streams of water pour. However, unlike regular shower heads the water is piped in many smaller tubes. Each tube plays a certain radio frequency which is carried by the water. Not all of the nozzles spurt water that carry a radio frequency, only some of them.

Because each jet of water is sprayed directly into the ear canal none of the frequencies are amplified very loudly. To find a radio station that you like simply move your head so a new stream of water sprays into your ear. This also loosens and hopefully removes any ear wax or small creatures that happen to be inside your ear. However, the main purpose is the hands-free access to important information while you are in the shower such as the weather, traffic information, and popular sentiments contained in music.

Order now and instead of receiving this product, which probably requires some knowledge of hydrodynamics, sound, and possibly electronics to produce, you'll receive a water gun that tells the time. Simply spray someone in the ear next time they ask what time it is. Then you better just tell them the time, for they'll probably be pretty angry that you did that, and I'll likely have just taken your money and sent you a cheap plastic water-gun.
-- rcarty, Jun 04 2011

Bi-metallic shower nozzle BI-metallic_20shower_20nozzle
Shameless self-promotion. [ye_river_xiv, Nov 30 2011]

//requires some knowledge// I'll take that as a hint that you don't think this will work, so I don't have to bother telling you it won't.

If you modulated the individual streams' flow rates, on the other hand...
-- spidermother, Jun 04 2011

Are the streams from a showerhead continuous, or do they break up into droplets?

(Oh, wait, I see you addressed this in the third paragraph.)
-- mouseposture, Jun 04 2011

I think this is possible but that it would take quite a bit of tinkering or a little specialized engineering to accomplish it. I'm tall so I'm used to standing with my head right next to the shower nozzle, and would expect to be able to hear the sound before the stream turned into droplets.
-- rcarty, Jun 04 2011

I'm confused now. Does this actually shove radio waves in your ear, or does each jet carry the sound broadcast by a radio station, in the form of water pulses, or is it something else?
-- spidermother, Jun 04 2011

Shooting streams of water against someone's eardrum--radio GITMO.
-- ldischler, Jun 04 2011

// carry a radio frequency //

The human eardrum does not respond to RF energy in the broadcast band. *

* The human eardrum will definitely respond to energy in the Microwave band or higher. For example, directing a 1 Watt infrared laser onto a test subject's eardrum produces an unmistakeable response (to having the insides of the ear converted into a hot vapour).
-- 8th of 7, Jun 04 2011

By radio frequency I meant radio station one would have 99.9 another would have 88.8 etc. already convereted into audible sound.
-- rcarty, Jun 04 2011

I think this might be easy to bake. Just run the water through some soft silicone tubing, glue this to a speaker cone, and press the other side of it against something immovable. The vibrations of the speaker will then squish the tubing, modulating the water flow.

Ideally, though, you'd want to use a "coneless" speaker, so the tubing still got squished but the speaker itself wasn't making much air-transmitted noise.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2011

This would work if the water was passed through a very fine, straight pipe to remove all the turbulent flow before being squirted. Very bakeable.

My initial thought on reading the subtitle was a single radio station, fourier transformed into component frequencies and then modulating the flow of several fixed frequency jets. The quality would sound like something between a vocoder and a waterfall.
-- mitxela, Jun 05 2011

I think the version of this that works is kinda nifty maybe you could even blend streams to create like a synthesizer

or, wacky version

I just read that when researchers used ultrasonics with fruit acids like malic acid, they could sterilize organic produce with just .5 pct fruit acid thus the noisy water could be ultrasonic which with the super bodywash was actually cleaner than previous cleaning products with less chemicals

if you hear the music thats the harmonics from the overlapping ultrasonics so you know its working
-- beanangel, Nov 29 2011

//This would work if the water was passed through a very fine, straight pipe to remove all the turbulent flow before being squirted. Very bakeable.//

A perfect opportunity to incorporate some bi-metallic shower nozzles!
-- ye_river_xiv, Nov 30 2011

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