Food: Ha-ha Dangerous
Radioactive Spinach   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
*develops mad gleam in eye*

People all the time (mainly men, for some strange reason) find spinach in their teeth and seem to have a weird habit of checking their teeth for this charming delicacy. I say either coat it with barium, or to just grow it on radioactive land so as that it will glow or show up when you're going to that important date as to whether there is any traces of it in your mouth.

This provides our obsessive, paranoid datee (who probably needs all the help that s/he can get) with a way to spot spinach and a very good reason to remove it - take it out, or there'd be no reason to date in the first place...
-- froglet, May 04 2006

Spinach in teeth
[skinflaps, May 04 2006]

Glowing spinach... http://www.newton.d.../bot00/bot00105.htm
...just add black light. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 07 2006]

I find it quite attractive.
-- skinflaps, May 04 2006

I understand now why Popeye, in spite the fact that he ate spinach, loved someone named Olive.
-- sweet, May 04 2006

Then people want to hand you their credit card after they've picked a few with it.
-- reensure, May 04 2006

I wish I could learn the story leading to the creation of a category titled food: ha-ha dangerous
-- normzone, May 04 2016

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