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Rubber Strip Scale Mail

Get a bunch of little strips of rubber (maybe 1in by 3in) and sew them together in the shape of a jacket. They would only be connected at one end though so they would hang like hair.

It would be fairly waterproof if you made it dense enough and would be fairly breathable as well. That would, of course, be in addition to it looking obnoxiously cool.

As for colors, you could either have solid color, somewhat varied (all strips would be a random but close shade of one color), or fully random (all strips would be completely random colors). Perhaps there could even be a translucent or even fully transparent version.
-- Joolin, Dec 15 2009

Technically speaking this would be some kind of "Scale Mail", where armour is composed of hanging metal elements designed to mimic the scales of a lizard. These scales would be arranged in an interposed manner, like modern brick work.
-- Aristotle, Dec 15 2009

//Technically speaking this would be some kind of "Scale Mail"//

You've been blinded by your accuracy, [Aristotle]. Surely, made from rubber, this would be "Banded" mail? ;-)
-- Jinbish, Dec 15 2009

postmen could knit theirs from red rubber bands.
-- po, Dec 15 2009

Banded mail, which as a term probably appears first in D&D, was probably a reference to the horizontal bands of the infantry of Ancient Rome.

However I do grasp your rather elastic pun ...
-- Aristotle, Dec 15 2009

I hear it's a good year for jackets.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 15 2009

A use for an old bicycle inner tube? [+]
-- pocmloc, Dec 16 2009

Somehow I think it would look like I was wearing Wesley Snipe's tire outfit in 'Demolition Man.'
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2009

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