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Rainforest Construction Bubble   (+1, -7)  [vote for, against]
Large inflation device for clearing small parts of thick forests.

The rainforest (and similarly thick and hazardous areas) are not ideal for construction. If you want to build anything in these areas, you have to clear out an extranneous amount of forest to keep the forces of nature at bay. This is expensive, hard on workers, and hard on the forest. resultantly, no considerable construction has ever taken place in the likes of a rainforest.

Solution: Imagine walking into a very thick forest, finding the proper spot to build, and then hauling in a large heavy trunk, placing it right in the center of said area. After standing away a reasonable distance, you activate the inflation, and within seconds, a large balloon has inflated and decimated anything growing/standing/living within the construction area. This way, we have minimized deforestry. But there is more.

Once the inflation has been completed, the shell is reinforced. the bottom is taken away, and the shell is connected to a large tube made of similar material. Now, we have an entirely encapsulated region to continue on with the required housing construction. No fear of overgrowth/contamination/lizards eating people. Once the building is finished, the reinforcements are detached, and the fabric is pulled away, leaving a wonderfully landscaped house/laboratory etc. The workers are happy, the buyers are happy, and, most importantly, mother earth is happy.
-- daseva, Jun 02 2005

Can't.....bone...more than..once. Why do you want to build in the lovely rainforests? Even with "minimized deforestry" this should not be done. Bad.
-- kaz, Jun 02 2005

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