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Ramen Noodles from a Spray Can

OK, think Silly String - fluid in the can, comes out as a long string. Ramen noodles are long strings. Pack a can full of fluid ramen noodles (flavoring already added). Spray into bowl for "polite" eating, or spray directly into mouth.

Whereas regular ramen noodles are about $0.10 to $0.30 per pack, this could sell for $3.00 (like spray cheese - $0.25 worth of cheese for $3.00).
-- quarterbaker, Jul 27 2001

Spray noodles, pantry's rapidly becoming a combustion hazard.
-- nick_n_uit, Jul 27 2001

Could they be called "Sproodles"?
-- Nadia, Sep 03 2001

I'd call "Spramen" and I'd also bring out my trusty can of "Sprushi" (Spray Sushi) not to be confused with (Spooshi) ;-)
-- paulnakada, Sep 03 2001

Kids love impracticality on parents wallets!
-- thumbwax, Oct 14 2002

*I* Love this. But I can see the direction it would lead to....

mental flossing....
-- hollajam, Oct 14 2002

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