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Random Shotgun Party   (0)  [vote for, against]
As in the beer consumption method, not the actual gun.

Each person at the party would be given a little bracelet to put on their beer can. The bracelet would have a small hole puncher aimed at the beer with a remote sensor to activate it.

Somewhere in the party would be the remote hub. At random intervals, it would send a signal to one of the bracelets (also chosen at random) to punch. Whoever had their beer punched would then be forced to either shotgun or waste beer.

Perhaps the puncher itself could be hollow and act as a straw so that you wouldn't need to remove the bracelet before chugging.
-- Joolin, Jul 29 2010

People who drink beer from cans deserve to be shot.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 29 2010

What if someone not in the know put the little bracelet on as a little bracelet. Then the punch happened and punched a hole in the radial artery! And the blood went PSSSSSH in slow motion! What then?
-- bungston, Jul 29 2010

What if you put the bracelet at the top then drink a little bit of booze to get your liquid below the potential hole punch?
-- kaz, Jul 29 2010

Uhh.. Obviously you'd shotgun their arm.

No but seriously, you'd get a video camera and record it, then later add in creepy dissonant droning music and build a movie around it, because apparently you're David Lynch.

No but actually seriously, you'd only be able to get a bracelet from the keeper of the bracelets, and when the keeper of the bracelets gives you a bracelet, the keeper of the bracelets tells you what the bracelet is for, otherwise the keeper of the bracelets is a bad keeper of the bracelets, but if you were instructed on the purpose of the bracelet by the keeper of the bracelets but still managed to forget or something and put it on your arm, likely having seen its effect on cans many times that evening, you are not deserving of sympathy.
-- Joolin, Jul 29 2010

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