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An electronic “Elements of Style” plugin for Halfbakers.

The RTIH: a browser plugin that coaxes users into posting ideas instead of rants (or WIBNI).

After inputting the desired text for a proposed idea and clicking the “OK” hyperlink at the halfbakery, the RTIH plugin is activated. First, RTIH would search the text for WIBNI/rantness by checking it against a comprehensive database of stop phrases such as “wouldn’t it be nice if”, “we should”, “there should”, “what if”, “how about”, all sentences ending in question marks, etc. Next, RTIH highlights the text and prompts the user to modify his/her addition by offering a rewording of the phrase that forms a statement rather than a question.

Think of it as an electronic hand-hold rather than a hand-slap.
-- iuvare, May 08 2001

And just what are all us blurtaholics supposed to do from now on?
-- wasraw, May 08 2001

I thought that's what the HB crew was for? ;) (jk)
-- absterge, May 08 2001

<rant> It would be nice, but there shouldn't be, and we won't all. That's about how it is. </rant> ;)
-- pertinax, May 31 2006

It would be great if
-- epicproblem, May 31 2006

/blurtaholic// Fantastic. Not seen that before.
-- egbert, May 31 2006

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