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Dry Laundry in the Wind (even if it's not windy)

Two large trained falcons or hawks that each have an end of a nylon rope secured to their leg with a swivel attachment. Set them each on a perch about 8-10 feet apart. Hang your laundry (very securely) on the rope. I must say this is only feasible with light clothing like t-shirts, undies, and socks, no jeans or towels. Send the falcons up to circle your abode in formation. Call them to return in about 45 minutes and your laundry should be dry.
-- xandram, Mar 29 2006

//Call them to return in about 45 minutes and your laundry should be dry//..and covered in bird shit :)
-- skinflaps, Mar 29 2006

...might be easier with two synchronised remote-controlled model aeroplanes ("Watch my socks and underwear loop the loop!")
-- hippo, Mar 29 2006

haha ~~ I thought about the bird poop [skinflaps] but hey it's a halfbaked idea. <oh shit> There goes my undies.
-- xandram, Mar 29 2006

Ray Bradbury's "Uncle Einar" did this, but he did the flying himself.
-- baconbrain, Mar 29 2006

So [baconbrain] do you mean that *I* should try flying the laundry around myself?
-- xandram, Mar 29 2006

This has been tried before, but the director was rarely satisfied with the manner in which the raptor delivered his lines.
-- normzone, Mar 29 2006

this is great, can we do it with sparrows? its all I've got (and a virtual mini oddie thing)
-- po, Mar 29 2006

Very bad this, leave the birds alone. {oh it's meant to be funny? haha, not.}
-- zeno, Mar 29 2006

[partially tangental story] One guy was caught going 160 mph down a highway in a van. His excuse? "I just got it painted, and was trying to get it dry!"
-- DesertFox, Mar 30 2006

[zeno] I am an animal lover and would in no way intend any harm to any animal. The large raptors are very strong and powerful. I'm sorry if you thought I was being *funny*- I thought I was being *creative*.
-- xandram, Mar 30 2006

<putting [bigsleep] out of the misery of delivering a straight man line and waiting in vain for the correct funny man response..>

African or European?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 30 2006

First raptor: "How long have you been waiting?"

Second raptor: "I've been in line for an hour."
-- normzone, Mar 30 2006

well, looks like the raptors ate some of my buns from yesterday!
-- xandram, Mar 31 2006

Hey, [rcarty], if the falcon doesn't come back, are my Tide-drenched bloomers loosed?
-- luxlucet, Mar 31 2006

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