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Rat Zapper   (+9)  [vote for, against]
Zap rats and mice with electricity

A metal cylindrical tube with holes in it stands vertically on a non-conductive base (wood). Under the base is a horizontal metal plate. Bait is loaded into the tube. Each metal part is connected to a battery (one to positive, one to negative). When the mouse touches the metal tube with his nose to get the bait, the circuit is completed. The whole thing would be housed in a cage big enough for mice/rats to get through, but small enough for dumb humans to keep their hands out of. I’ve created a crude illustration that can (hopefully) be seen by clicking the link below. [link]
-- Gerad, Sep 07 2005

Click here for illustration http://static.flick..._35fc439767.jpg?v=0
[Gerad, Sep 07 2005]

Click here for product
Zapping rats and mice is no new thing, it would seem. [DrCurry, Sep 07 2005]

They should have gone cord-less.
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 08 2005]

or this http://www.trap-man...humane-rat-trap.htm
live and let live [zeno, Sep 08 2005]

Shock Therapy Shock_20therapy
Very similar to this idea [goober, Sep 08 2005]

Using a cage makes it very bulky, not an attractive feature for people who do not necessarily want houseguests to know there is a rodent problem.

Place the tube horizontally, and make it so the rat closes the circuit after it enters.
-- DrCurry, Sep 07 2005

so it just temporarily knocks them out for a while so that you can drive to a nice serene spot in the woods and settle him/her gently onto a cosy little nest of leaves and quietly tiptoe away....
-- po, Sep 07 2005

No, I'm pretty certain we're talking roast rat's ass here.
-- DrCurry, Sep 07 2005

Yup, a rodent toaster is what's needed.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 07 2005

Power it with a Van de Graff generator.
-- lurch, Sep 07 2005

//Power it with a Van de Graff generator// Perhaps if you could freeze them at the moment of peak frizziness, you could sell 'em as bog brushes.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 07 2005

An illustration! A baker after my own heart!
-- bristolz, Sep 07 2005

Engineer a variety that catches bread and I'm sold. As it is it seems like animal cruelty to me. Also there would be a big problem if more favoured houseguests e.g. gerbil, hamster, baby etc. managed to escape from their respective cages.
-- hidden truths, Sep 08 2005

Obviously [hidden]'s place is infested with feral loaves of Mother's Pride that lurk behind the wainscote.
-- wagster, Sep 08 2005

// When the mouse touches the metal tube with his nose to get the bait, the circuit is completed. //

The device should also include small buckets to catch the backflipping electrocuted mice in.
-- phundug, Sep 08 2005

Sounds a lot like "Shock Therapy". (link)
-- goober, Sep 08 2005

Illustrations? What a great idea! Yours is very well produced. Anything that zaps gets a biscuit from me.
-- dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

I was hoping it was just a typo. Damn-it! So, this isn't anything to do with a hither-to unknown sibling of Moon Unit, then?
-- Dub, Sep 11 2005

Wtf is a wainscote?
-- pooduck, Sep 11 2005

wainscote == skirting board
[dub] Rat was Frank's punk-era offspring.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 11 2005

Its so good to have you back [UnaBubba].
-- Susan, Sep 12 2005

who is UnaBubba? Shane Warne in drag?
-- po, Sep 12 2005

[Po] I am at a total loss as to what you mean with your anno.
-- Susan, Sep 13 2005

Ooh, ooh I get it know. Thats deep [po]!
-- Susan, Sep 13 2005

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