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How do ya like dem greenbacks?

Log on, create identity similar to the identity you've got for the halfbakery. Create a list of general financial decisions you've made, giving general money ranges and the like, but not naming names or getting very specific. Separate area lets you transcribe career decisions (also in a very general fashion) and general salary range. Then, sit back and wait as other users come and rate your financial and career decisions. Then, you can take the constructive criticism to heart and better your life. Or, if you're not in the mood for that, you can go criticize other people.
-- polartomato, Aug 14 2002

site would swiftly be overrun by banks and recruitment consultants telling you they could have made the decisions for you better than you did.
"Ah, you should have signed up to our variable rate 30-day notice savings plan, you would have earned 350,000 pounds in interest by now. But instead you bought a car. Your loss."
"ah, you should have hired yourself out through our temporary office assistant pimping process, you could have been into the £9.50 per hour bracket by now, and you'd be getting good use out of your car.."
-- sappho, Aug 14 2002

Entrepreneuring trolls armed with spam cannons are a common affliction. Moderators will have to monitor this behavior closely. Participants will have to delete the trolling comments. Also, there would have to be a requirement that people create informational accounts about themselves, and that they provide email addresses and the like. If spam is received, the user flags the spammer and the spammer is put on a list for review... yes, sappho, it will be a problem.

But does that mean the site couldn't and shouldn't exist?
-- polartomato, Aug 14 2002

not at all. And so you get my croissant. implementability not proven though. I'm not sure about the level of information I would like to put on this site myself - you create a "list of general financial decisions you've made", presumably including your salary, outgoings on monthly bills etc, but to show you're no troll, you "provide email addresses and the like"... only to the moderators, yes? And why should we trust the moderators? <grin>
-- sappho, Aug 14 2002

Given the average American's level of consumer/credit card debt and the number of personal bankruptcies occuring these days, I question whether very many people would be able to provide valuable insight regarding my financial decisions. Maybe it's different in other countries but, no thanks.
-- half, Aug 14 2002

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