Product: Weapon: Catapult
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Rather than waste resources on single-use weapons, recycle! Though I doubt that Greenpeace or Amnesty International would acknowledge it.

This catapult would be like a normal catapult, but rather than the traditional seige weapon with projectile weapons, this would have a projectile that would be attached to an elastic bungee cord controlled by a sort of pulley system to prevent the projectile from coming back and hitting your soldiers - either that or keep everyone else far away from it.
-- froglet, Nov 01 2006

Like a big red cartoon boxing glove?
-- skinflaps, Nov 01 2006

Try and send it back before it explodes?
-- froglet, Nov 01 2006

And hope that they cut the line again.
-- angel, Nov 01 2006

Wile E. froglet. Zooper Genius.
-- methinksnot, Nov 02 2006

I would've thought that the projectile on a glorified rubber band would be too quick to allow the enemy to replace it with something explosive.
-- froglet, Nov 02 2006

clever clever. Make the projectile of superball compound.
-- jmvw, Nov 02 2006

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