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Real Artificial Icicles   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Get that genuine winter view anywhere

There is nothing like looking out on a winter day and seeing the sun glint of the icicles outside your window. Unfortunately for many people such finery can never be as it is just not cold enough where they live.

This idea is for a set of assorted length cold finger tubes that can be affixed to your eaves much like xmas lights. Just attach in the location of choice the connect to the plug in chiller unit. Next spray a light stream of water onto the roof. The water will run off the eaves onto the fingers and will freeze to form 100% natural ice icicles for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Can also be used on xmas trees instead of fake icicles(tinsel). bonus is its pet safe.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 04 2006

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